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Things Learned This Dry Season (2020 Edition)

Things Learned This Dry Season (2020 Edition)

In West Africa, we only have two seasons-rainy and dry.  No winter-not even close.  Currently, we have two more months of dry season, but I miss out linking up with those writing about what they learned this winter over at Emily P. Freeman.  For me, it is taking time to see how God has been working, how life has been changing, and hopefully how I am getting a better grip on my life.

So here are a few things I have learned this dry season.

1.  I still like an adventure

Most days are pretty much the same. I get up, exercise, go to work, come home, fix supper and watch a TV show with my honey, walk, then read and go to bed.  I don’t mind my boring life but once in a while it is good to mix it up.

                                         (photo credit: me)

The first weekend in February we had a chance to go camping with some friends.  It was a three hour drive over some crazy roads to the beach where we would stay. Our friends tent camped, and we stayed in a lodge.  We spent the weekend swimming, talking, and eating food cooked over a fire.  It was also a good time for some time together before two of the couples leave to go to other places.

My favorite part of the weekend was a hike that my husband and I took to an abandoned ship.  It was fun climbing over the rocks, going barefoot through the sand, and hoping we were going the right direction. It took us about an hour to get there, and we were glad that we started early.  We took pictures, explored, and then headed back to the place we were staying.

(photo credit: my husband)

                                     (photo credit: me)

It was a great reminder of how much we enjoy being outdoors and especially hiking.

2.  I Read Nonfiction Better in the Morning

My husband’s alarm goes off at 5:00 am every morning. I am not ready to get up at that time and sometimes can sleep through it or drift back to sleep. Other mornings I am awake but not ready to get up. I have found that is the perfect time for me to read. My mind is less cluttered and able to focus. Reading a chapter before getting up has been a great, slow way to begin my day. 

I am still tweaking my morning routine but so far I am liking getting in some nonfiction reading first thing. I must confess that there are mornings it gets hijacked if I am really close to finishing a good novel. 

3. I Don’t Like Silence

In December, my husband and I read Sacred Enneagram.  This book dives into the spiritual aspects of the enneagram and which spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude, and stillness best help your type reach wholeness.  Fives (that’s me) need time in silence. It is often what we struggle the most with that we need the most. As I get older, I find that I am getting better at turning off the noise or choosing to walk with out headphones but silence doesn’t come easily.  It is something that I am slowly working on. 

4. Creative Outlets Makes Life Better

After spending my days working with students, my brain is tired from keeping everyone on track,  The best remedy is doing something creative.  It could be as simple as trying a new recipe in the kitchen or working on our digital family album for the current year.  This past month I did branch out trying to make some sea glass gifts for friends.

This month I am hoping to work on some sewing projects.  I have been collecting lots of lappa (what they call the fabric here) and need to put it to good use.  Any ideas on what to sew?

6. It’s Time But Not Time

                                      (photo credit: my husband)
My husband and I will be transitioning back to the states this summer.  Since it takes a while to hire pilots, we needed to put in our notice early.  Summer is a few months away so for now, we are staying present in the here and now. I have kids to teach and get ready for their next grade.  My husband has flights that need to be flown and a team to lead. It is important to be present-to finish well.  We are not ready to leave yet.  

We don’t know what is next for us.  Our walks are filled with what if’s and what do you think about this? questions. We are listening to podcasts and reading books that will help us make good decision and leave well.  We are excited to see where God will lead.  But for now, we are planted here in this beautiful place that can stretch us and exasperate but is clearly where we are meant to be in this season.

What are some things you have learned this seasons whether it is winter, summer, dry, or rainy?

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