What I Learned This Spring (2018 Edition)

What I Learned This Spring (2018 Edition)

As North America heads into summer, West Africa begins its rainy season.   Last night, the rain played music on our metal roof as we tried to sleep.  Some nights it is a lullaby, and other nights it is a good excuse to read a book instead of sleeping.  Last night it lulled me to sleep.

No matter what the season or where you live, there are always lessons to be learned.  Here are a few of mine from the last few months as I am linking up with Emily Freeman and other bloggers on what they learned this month.

1.  The Names of God

Our ladies’ bible study is learning about the names of God. When Adonai, Elohim, and Jehovah are used, each name tells us something about God in that story that you don’t see from just the name God.  This gives a deeper meaning to passages of scripture  where Abraham and Moses are called to follow God.  As I read Psalms this month, I looked up what name was used by the Psalmist in each part of the Psalm.  It was a good reminder to me that God is much more than one name or what I think about him.

2.  Free Online Classes

My certification is high school math, but in the last few years, I have been teaching younger students.  Teaching younger students required me to learn more about teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.  At first I started reading random articles that addressed problems and questions I was having then I came across these classes.   I was excited to find what I was looking for all in one place.  

The first class I went through was Cognition and Learning in an Educational Setting (basically a fancy name for Educational Psychology).  The applications to my teaching were a blessing.  I learned about short and long term memory as well as different ways to motivate my students.  Now I am making my way through Language and Literacy which has great ideas for the preschooler I will have this fall.   I remember studying some of this material in college, but it makes a huge difference when you see the direct application of what you are learning to your current situation.

A disclaimer about these classes: They are not for credit and some of the links no longer work.  For me, the amount of information is just right.  When I want to know more, I least have the right words to google.

3. Red Pepper

On the days my house lady comes, we eat lunch together.  She doesn’t mind my western food as long as I set out red pepper in case she needs a little more heat in her food.  In the past, I ignored the red pepper in recipes.  Spicy is not my thing.  In the past few months, I have started putting a pinch or two in the recipes that ask for red pepper..  Not as much as the recipe says but a little bit.  I am enjoying the richer flavor and so far handling the heat.  

4. Fitbit Family

My gift to my husband for his birthday was a fitbit to replace his watch which was getting a little rusty in our humid climate.   With both of us trying to reach a goal, it is easier to get out on those evening walks and makes for interesting conversations about our data like how much deep sleep did you get last night or what is your resting heart rate?  

5. Electricity

I live on a compound where the electricity comes from big generators.  For one reason or another, this past month the generators have been having trouble.  Usually the electricity is out for less than an hour but lately it has been for larger chunks of time.   I have to admit that after a while it wears on me and affects my attitude.  But then I thought about how no electricity was teaching me…
  1. To be more grateful for the electricity I do have.
  2. To not procrastinate certain chores so they will be done with electricity or…
  3. To procrastinate certain chores because we don’t have electricity.
  4. To spend more time on my front porch where it is cooler reading and watching the waves.
What lessons have you been learning?