Marriage, Misfits, and Mission Completed (June Reads 2018)

Marriage, Misfits, and Mission Completed (June Reads 2018)

What do you do on a morning when the electricity is off.  For me,  it as a great excuse to sit with some iced coffee and read before we head to the airport to go see our son graduate from boarding school.  But first, I thought I would write about some of the books I read/listened to this month.  

1. Marriage: A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas

Today my Prince Charming and I are celebrating 26 years of marriage, but we are still learning how to be better spouses.  I liked how Gary uses stories to explain his principles for having a lifelong love.  He starts off reminding the reader that God is our father-in- law because our spouse is His son or daughter.  I am accountable to God for how I treat his son.  

My biggest takeaway from the book was when Gary wrote how our biggest need is not to be loved but to learn how to love.  We are already loved by God.  I can love because He first loved me.  So simple but yet profound.  How can I love my husband better today?

I also appreciated his section in the appendix for those who are in abusive situations  and those counseling them.  His strong words to leaders were much needed as he said the church has erred for too long in encouraging wives to stay when they needed to go.  Instead, the church should make a better effort to work with those husbands to treat God’s daughters better.  

2. Misfits: Blessed are the Misfits: Great News for Believers Who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like Something is Missing by Brant Hansen

The title sums up the book pretty well.  The book is full of funny stories, much needed truth, and encouragement to love people.

Here are two of my favorite quotes so far.

“Emotions are very human.  But faithfulness, in spite of emotion, and in the absence of emotion, is beautiful.. “

“We’ve been taught in many ways that struggling is a bad thing, that “success” is all that matters.  But it’s through struggling that we learn, that we get stronger, and that we change.  I’m less concerned for friends who are struggling than friends who aren’t.”

3.  Mission Accomplished:  The King’s War (The Kinsman Chronicles Book #3) by Jill Williamson

Why mission accomplished?  Because there is something satisfying in finishing a trilogy especially one that ends well.  I loved the twists and turns of this book as well as seeing the characters grow and interact.  What will it take to defeat evil?  Will Arman and good win?  There are a lot of characters in this series but by the end you know them all well.  You might even like some and hate others.  If you are looking for a fantasy series that is engaging and clean, this trilogy is for you.  

(This book releases next week.  I was given an advance copy for an honest review of the book.)

What have you been reading this month?  For more book reviews from other bloggers, head over to Modern Ms. Darcy in her month quick lit reviews.
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