Between the Rains

This is a repost from a few years ago when we lived in Central Asia.  As our nights and some days are rainy since we are not in rainy season, I thought it would be fun to post this again. Rain is a beautiful thing.  It gives water for life but also brightens up the world around us.  It makes rainbows possible and […]

How To Live Loved: Advice to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, Remember how as a kid, you loved going around singing Sunday school songs at the top of your lungs with “Jesus Loves Me” being your favorite?  Did you believe it then that Jesus loved you?  When did you stop believing it?  When did you let your insecurities and what others thought start dictating your actions?   Living loved […]

What I Learned This Spring (2018 Edition)

As North America heads into summer, West Africa begins its rainy season.   Last night, the rain played music on our metal roof as we tried to sleep.  Some nights it is a lullaby, and other nights it is a good excuse to read a book instead of sleeping.  Last night it lulled me to sleep. No matter what the […]