When Your Heart Keeps Getting Broken

I can see him clearly in my mind, sitting to the left of me at his desk, as I teach my Algebra I class.  His sandy brown head is bent over his paper as he tries to keep up with taking notes. It is my first year teaching at an International school in Central Asia. It is his first year at the […]

Eclectic Reads (March 2018 Edition)

What do you do when you are awake at 5:30 and can’t get back to sleep?  Sometimes I get up and start my day but ost of the time, I am not ready to get out of bed.   I would rather continue reading whatever was on my nightstand from the night before.  The best thing about reading so early […]

Four Ways We Sabotage Connection

Connection is an important part of our lives whether in person, online or even through snail mail.  The past few years I have struggled with feeling connected to those around me and those far way from me.  Some of it has to do with circumstances, but a lot of it has to do with me.  I often lean out when I should lean in.  Not […]