My Word for 2018: Connection

My Word for 2018: Connection

Looking back, my last word of the year (Deeper) was in 2014.   It ended up being the perfect word for a year of evacuations, loss, and flexibility.  By the end of the year, we had a deeper trust in God and deeper commitment to the call He had for us in that season.  Our family was also closer than we had ever been, but I still longed for deeper relationships with others around me.  

The years after 2014 had no official word, but looking back I see a theme for those years.   2015 and 2016 were years of transition and endurance while 2017 was a year of settling.  We settled into a new normal.  I was able to make our house more our own with throw pillows, art and some other personal touches.  We started hosting people more.  I found my niche as education coordinator and what I wanted my school to look like.  

Now I feel God nudging me for something more-something deeper-connection.  Somehow I have come full circle since deep and connection have so many things in common.  Connection can mean so many things, and I am excited to see what God is going to teach me this year.   Connection is something I long for after too many years of battling loneliness off and on.   It has so many facets whether connection to God, self, others, or even to God’s creation. 

We all know that connection with God is the most important.  It is from this connection that I can truly connect with myself and others.  The trouble is I don’t always start there.  That is why I was grateful for an invitation to join a online book club that is reading Invitation to Silence and Solitude by Ruth Haley Barton.   It gave me a push in the right direction.  In the weeks ahead, I hope to share more what I am learning, but right now I am just soaking it all in.  If you are interested in the book club, visit Linda Stoll’s blog or if you are just interested in some insightful posts on silence and solitude, head over to A New Lens.  Here is a link to one of her posts

This year, I am both excited and scared about connection.  Even though it is something I long for, it is also something that I feel so inadequate at doing.  My first posts on connection will be musings about what I am learning about connection from silence and solitude.  I hope you will join me this year as I try to blog more consistently. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Do you have a word for this year?  Or even though you may not have had a word for last year, did you see a common theme of how God worked in your life?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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      Wow, TJ … what a surprise to settle in with your post and find you talking about the Book Open House! Thanks for sharing with your tribe what God is teaching us all together.

      I appreciate you and am thankful that our paths have begun to cross in recent weeks.

      God is good …

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