A Father Waiting Musing

A Father Waiting Musing

Right now my husband is waiting by his computer for our daughter to contact him.  He has information that will help her on her journey back to the States.  You see, she is in a European airport and due to a delay on her first flight, she has missed the next flight on her itinerary.  Her father knows her next leg has been rebooked.  We don’t know if she knows this information as we wait to hear from her.  

I wish you could see the love my husband has for our daughter as he waits.  It is hard for him to concentrate on his book that he is using for distraction.  His love for his daughter and wanting her to be okay are prominent on his mind.  He knows there are some things she needs to learn on her own but that also she is still at an age that needs guidance.  

So two things could happen….

1. She could stand in line for a few hours to find out what her father knows that she already has a ticket for a new flight.


2. She could find wifi to check in with her father and see his messages that will save her time and possibly a headache.  

In the Bible, we see God as a father waiting.  In the gospel of John, he is portrayed as father in the parable who is waiting for his prodigal son to return home.  In the OT, he is a father waiting for his people in exile to repent and return to him.  But David also shows us a father who wants to help in our time of trouble (Ps 91) and guide us beside still waters. (Psalm 23)   James tells us of a father who longs for us to ask him for wisdom not doubting that he will answer.  (James 1:5)  God the father is waiting for his children to call on him whatever the reason.

This Father God does not have to stay by a computer.  He can hear us when we call on him day or night.  This Father knows if we have our next ticket or not.  He is sovereign.  Lastly, this Father loves us more than any earthly father ever could.

The question is why do we so often try to do things on our own when His help is just a prayer away?  How much easier it would be if we (I) would go to the Father first.  

By the way, our daughter did get her ticket for her next flight.  Hopefully the rest of the journey will go well.

Dear Father, Thank you for your love and care for us.  May I come to you first thing in all of my cares, joys, failures, and victories.  Amen