The Blades of Acktar (Book Reviews July 2017 Edition)

We are in the midst of rainy season.  Some days it rains all day.  Those days are perfect to curl up on the couch with a good series and cozy blanket.  This past month my husband and I came across a new-to-us author, Tricia Mingerink, who is only in her twenties but has written a fantasy series called the Blades of Acktar.  It was a great escape for those rainy days when we couldn’t get outside. 

The Blades of Acktar:

Imagine a time and a place where Christianity is no longer allowed, and Blades (assassin) are sent out to find and kill those who defy the King’s laws.  The resistance is growing but will it survive long enough for good to win.

The first book Dare begins with Leith, the third blade, wounded by an arrow and finding refuge in the home of two sisters who are believers.  Even though the blade could turn around and betray them, the sisters give him shelter and medical attention.  This starts the course of the story as Leith is challenged by the stories of Daniel and who God is.  What will he do when he returns to the King?

In the second book Dare, the two sisters, Renna and Brandi are challenged as they are confronted with how strong their faith really is.  Is there a compromise?  One sister is strong.  The other appears about to crumble, but don’t forget God.  Things aren’t always as they appear.

In the third book Defy, the resistance takes the battle to the King.  Will they prevail?  Will good win? Sacrifices are made, but will it be enough?

In the fourth book Deliver, the resistance has won, but the battle still remains for the kingdom to unify.   Can former blades be trusted to help the new kingdom rebuild? Is God big enough to change them?  What about those blades who are still working for those against the new king, wanting the power for themselves?

The characters made me cry, laugh, cheer, and reflect.  There is Shadrach the son of a Lord and warrior who becomes best friends with a blade turned spy. Then the two sisters: Renna who is a healer but also needs to be a leader, and her sister Brandi who is fearless.  There is Jamie, a blade in training who just wants to revenge against the King.  Don’t forget the Lady who sleeps with a knife and isn’t scared to kill a blade. These are just a few of the characters that make the story richer.

As the plot thickens, faith is challenged, characters are transformed, and forgiveness given.  It is a story of self sacrifice and good versus evil but also a story of seeking God in the hard places and believing God can work in those who once were enemies.  So if you like fantasy with faith mixed in, this might be a series for you. Just a note: this series is blatantly Christian but is not preachy.  Faith is woven into the story well where it adds to the story not detracts. 

What have you read this month?  Any good recommendations?  For more book review, check out Modern Ms. Darcy’s Quick Lit linkup. 

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