A Fantasy Series, an Audiobook, and a Book by Tsh

One of my favorite things to do each month is head over to Modern Ms. Darcy’s Quick Lit linkup to find what others are reading and recommending.  From these lists, I have been able to find books for my husband and I to read.  The lists have steered me towards books I might have otherwise not chosen and away from others that I was not sure about.  So after you get done reading my reviews, click here to find some other reviews that you might enjoy.

Here are my reviews for the month:

1. The Starlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

A few months back, one of my students found out that my husband and I enjoy reading some of the same books that she did such as Jill Williamson’s fantasy series Kinsman Chronicles.   This led to her recommendation of the Way of Kings and a long wait for my turn to read it from my library.  Finally the book came in and my husband and I dove into hours of reading- literally hours of reading since the book was long.  The story took place in another time and space where a king was assassinated and a kingdom went to war in vengeance for his death.  The book was written from various viewpoints that at first seem random but as the book proceeds the story line converged to see how each character had their own part in how the story would end. The book was full of magical shards (swords), creatures that grew gemstones inside of them, and a history that had secrets waiting to be found.  The first book centered on the brother of the assassinated king who had visions during the high storms, a slave who should really be a soldier, and a young woman who wanted to be a scholar but also needed to save her family.  The second book, Words of Radiance relayed the continuing story of these characters as they battled the evil that was overtaking their land.  Now we are in waiting mode once again for the third book, Oathbringer, which is scheduled for release in November.

2. Never Unfriend by Lisa Jo Baker

This was a book recommended by one of the other bloggers on last month’s link up.  I decided to go with the audio version  which was a great choice.  The author had a conversational writing style that translated well to an audiobook.  As I did my dishes, cleaned house, and walked, I was challenged about the baggage I carry into my friendships and if I am the kind of friend that I want to have.  I felt like Lisa Jo was speaking truth into my heart and changing my view of friendships and relationships.  Never Unfriend  is my favorite non-fiction book so far this year.  

3. At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe by Tsh Oxereider

My husband and I are in the middle of reading this book out loud in the evenings.  I can totally relate to Tsh’s wanting to travel and explore yet have a place to call home.  Some of the places Tsh’s family visited we have also visited which brings back memories of that time with our family.  Other places we are putting on our to visit or maybe not to visit list.  It a great book about travel, family, and home. 

What are some books you read this month that you would recommend or not recommend? 

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      I've had both Never Unfriended and At Home in the World on my TBR for quite awhile, but haven't gotten to either yet! Sounds like I need to fix that!

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      I loved At Home In the World. That is so cool that your husband and you are reading a book aloud in the evenings. I might have to ask my hubby if he'd be interested in trying that out sometime (though he gets really tired when read aloud to so I will have to find a fast-paced novel lol)

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