Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Fixer Upper: Book Reviews March 2017

A favorite pastime this past month was reading books aloud in the evenings with my husband.  We started off reading a fantasy book and ended with a memoir.  This month, we are planning on reading the Kitchen Counter Cooking School which is a book of cooking lessons.  I am looking forward to trying out some of the techniques in the book.

Each month I team up with other bloggers at Modern Ms. Darcy by writing short reviews on what we have read.  Here are my short reviews.

1.  Fantasy: King’s Blood by Jill Williamson  

Noel and I were able to read an advanced copy of this book in return for a fair review.  King’s Blood, the second book in Jill’s Kinsman Chronicles series, picks up where King’s Folly left off. The survivors of the Five Woes are sailing in unknown waters in search of land for their new home. The book is filled with intrigue, mystery, and determination as the characters decide who they will follow both in terms of the gods they will follow but also the human leader that they trust. It is a book about having faith when the odds are against you. I loved the plot twists and turns. Nothing was predictable. The characters are well developed where I loved some and hated others. I cheered for some and yelled at others.  I am looking forward to the third book in this series already.   I would suggest reading King’s Folly first as each book does not stand alone.

2. Fairy Tales: Royal Wedding Series by Rachel Hauck

In the first book, Once Upon a Prince,  Susanna is having a bad day.  Her boyfriend breaks up with her then she has an accident and hits a tree.  Lucky for her, she is rescued by a charming guy, and a friendship starts.  Little does she know her new friend is a prince.  Even though the book is similar to the movie, Prince and Me, it is a fun read with some unique characters and twists. The second book, Princess Ever After, continues the fairy tale with Regina restoring old cars only to find out she is actually a princess and a kingdom depends on her.  Okay, yeah, it sounds a lot like Princess Diaries but it was different enough to be a light, enjoyable read after a long day of teaching.   These are great if you need a fluffy read.

3. Fixer Upper: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

My husband and I read this story together.  It was a great book to read as a couple as we discovered how Chip and Joanna met and eventually married as well as learning about  their life leading up to their show Fixer Upper.  We found ourselves laughing over Chip’s antics over the years as well as being inspired by their courage to do what was right even in the hard times.  Even you have never watched their show, I think you would still enjoy the book.

4. The Heart of Hollyhill by Ann Gabhart

These three books are set in the south during the late 60’s.  The main character is a teen girl named Jocie who lives with her dad who is an editor/preacher and her Aunt Love who has never been married. Each book gives a different season of Jocie’s life as she figures out who she is, who God is, and who her family is.  The books are full of tears and laughter and ups and downs.  The message is timely yet timeless as a family tries to do what is right even when it is not easy.  In Scent of Lilacs, Jocie learns the power of prayer and that family is more than just sharing the same last name.  Orchard of Hope continues the story of Jocie and her family as racial integration takes place in their town and her dad is close to proposing to his girlfriend.  In the last book, Summer of Joy, Jocie goes to high school and prepares for her family to get even bigger.  These books are probably my favorite series so far this year. 

What have you read this month?  Any good recommendations?  I could especially use some recommendations for my husband to read as this librarian (me) is having trouble keeping up with his reading habit.  Don’t forget to check out Anne’s site for more book reviews
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      I enjoyed The Magnolia Story as much as you. I felt it was a great book to share as a couple. I found myself reading excerpts to my husband throughout. I do not watch the show but I didn't feel that took away from anything regarding the book.

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      I loved listening to The Magnolia Story on audiobook since it was narrated by Chip and Jo. They are so fun to watch and listen to! And their story is so humble and inspiring.

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