Reads that Helped Me Understand

People read for different reasons.  I mostly read because it is something I enjoy, and it is a way I relieve stress.  Sometimes I read because I want to understand and learn about an issue or how to handle to handle a certain situation.  This month was full of books like that.  The books ranged from the US prison system to showing respect.  Here are my reviews.

1. Just Mercy by Bryan Peterson

Just Mercy was recommended by a friend.  It was written by a lawyer who deals with death row cases.  The book was full of stories of clients he has dealt with from people wrongly convicted to children who are sentenced to life and put in adult prisons.  He told of his organization’s battle to fight for fair trials.  He talked about how if you are black or poor or both, it is harder for you to get a fair trial.  It was a hard read, but gave me a better understanding of some of the race issues in the United States today. 

2. Mother and Son: The Respect Effect by Ralph Eggerichs

This author is well known for his book, Love and Respectwhere he wrote about how a wife needs love and a husband respect.  Using that same idea, Mr. Eggerichs challenged mothers to respect their sons in the way they speak and interact with them.  The first half of the book dragged as he was trying to convince the reader to read the book.  I found the last half more helpful with stories and practical suggestions.  My biggest take away was the reminder that my best conversations with my son will take place as we are side by side on a walk or doing something together not us sitting down at a table across from each other.  I better understand now that how I say something to my son affects him just as much as what I say.

3. The Domino Effect by Davis Bunn

This novel highlighted the banking and stock market system. Bunn wrote about a scenario where a lady analyst foresees certain patterns that signal that our economic system is on the edge of collapse.  Can it be stopped?  Who is responsible?  Is she brave enough to stand her ground?  This was a great read about learning to let people in and being brave enough to do the right thing.

4. Sick and Tired: Empathy Encouragement and Practical Help for Those Suffering from Chronic Health Problems by Kimberly Rae

This short book was an informative yet fun to read.  The author who suffers from chronic health problems shared her story as she gave advice and encouragement to others who are suffering from chronic health problems.  The book helped me know better how to relate to friends who are dealing with chronic health problems.

What books have you read as this new year begins?  Interested in other reviews, check out Modern Ms. Darcy and her quick lit linkup. 
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