From the Other Side of the Street (Repost)

I wrote this post a little over three years ago, when we were on home leave from Central Asia, but the message is still relevant for today.   The italicized words are my recent additions. Most afternoons find me walking my neighborhood for at least thirty minutes.  Sometimes I walk alone with my iPod.  Other times my daughter joins me.   Walking for me […]

By Faith… Rahab

Rahab lived on top of the wall of Jericho.  It was like she was part of the city yet on the edge.  For some reason, God had his eye on Rahab.  He was wooing her.  She heard the stories of how God had taken care of the children of Israel-the parting of the Red Sea and the defeat of those kings on the other side of the […]

Reads that Helped Me Understand

People read for different reasons.  I mostly read because it is something I enjoy, and it is a way I relieve stress.  Sometimes I read because I want to understand and learn about an issue or how to handle to handle a certain situation.  This month was full of books like that.  The books ranged from the US prison system to showing respect.  Here […]