Confronting the Pride in Me

Confronting the Pride in Me

This past week I was confronted with my pride.  It came out in my insecurities about my job and relationships.  It exposed its ugly head when I need to make an apology but instead wanted to make excuses about my behavior.  It crept in as I begin to think myself better because I thought about an issue a certain way.  When I look at the Pharisees or the Prodigal son’s older brother, I see their pride, but somehow I am blinded to my own.  Pride seeps in ever so gradually.  When Pride comes in, it takes root and doesn’t want to let go.  The worst thing about pride is that is leaves no room for Jesus.  It says he is not needed.  I can do this on my own.

Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t give up.   Jesus calls me to give him my pride.  His yoke is so much better.  He wants me to learn from him.  He is gentle and humble in heart.  (Matt 11:28)  Pride is the enemy of humility and gentleness.  Jesus calls me to deny myself and take up my cross daily.  There is no room for self or for pride if I truly want to follow him.   God hates pride so much that is willing to allow suffering in his children to strip us of our pride and remind us where our hope and strength lie.  

My prayer today is that God will cut out the pride in me and teach me how to be gentle and humble because..  

Pride says, “ You can do this in your own strength.”
God’s word says, “ I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  

Pride says,” I’m right” and lets the roots of bitterness grow.
God’s word tells me to take the log out of my own eye first.  Forgive as God forgave you.

Pride values what people think.
God wants me to value what He thinks of me.

Pride leaves no room for God.
God sent his Spirit to live and work in me.  He is knocking at the door of my heart.

Pride has excuses for wrongs.
God word says to confess our sins so God can forgive, heal, and change you.

In his blog post, “Don’t Believe in Yourself”, Marshall Segal has some convicting things to say about pride as well as some encouragement on how to have more humility in our lives.  This quote from the post is a much needed reminder of the seriousness of the battle with pride.

“ If we battle some sins, but welcome pride, we will lose the war.  But if we suffocate pride, we will starve every other sin of its oxygen.”

How do you notice pride creeping into your life?  What actions steps help you battle the pride in your life?  I would love to hear your thoughts.