What I Learned in November (2016 edition)

Today is a holiday here in West Africa.  It is a refreshing break to the rhythm of my days to have a day to catch up, read, and now blog.  Who knows?  Maybe we will head out to the beach later when my honey gets home.  It has been a while since I have taken the time to reflect and think about life and what […]

Non-Fiction November

Okay, I know Non-fiction November is not real thing.  You have to admit that it is a catchy title for a month where people write full length novels and men don’t shave their beards.   Truthfully, I didn’t just read nonfiction this month, but those books are the ones that stood out.  Once again, I am writing short reviews on books I have […]

An Invitation

This week my daddy would have turned 70 years old.  I miss talking to him about life.  He thrived on conversations that challenged your thinking.  These days he has been on my mind more often.  Maybe it is my age, or maybe I wonder what he would say about the election and all that goes with it.  My best memories are […]