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This past month my evenings were spent curled up on the couch with a book.  We are down to one TV show and reading seemed much more relaxing.  It was a month of finishing up series that I started but never got around to reading the next book.  Luckily my library had most of the books I was looking for.  In the midst of my series finishing binge, I read two books that stood out.  They were not part of a series but written by authors I have enjoyed in the past.  Both ladies have a talent for putting words together to create a story that the reader doesn’t want to put down.  The story they write not only inspires but challenges.

Here are my short reviews as I link up again with Modern Ms. Darcy Quick Lit.

1. Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar

Tessa Afshar takes the biblical story of the woman with the bleeding who was healed by touching Jesus’s cloak and weaves a story of what her life might have been like?  Did she have a  family?  What was it like to use all your money to find healing yet find no relief?  What happens after the woman is healed?  It was a great story of healing both inside and out.

My favorite quote: 

I’ve been spending more time in prayer.  I am learning that obedience to God means that you do not put your eyes on your longings, but instead, you simply place one foot ahead of the other into the space that the Lord opens. Tired, wounded, overwhelmed.  It does not matter.  You merely keep moving where God directs and stop focusing on what you wish you had.  It’s teaching me patience.

2. Lost and Found by Ginny Yttrup

Ginny writes a story of one woman’s struggle in finding herself as she seeks God and feels trapped in an abusive relationship.  Each chapter is told from different perspectives as the characters develop-some for the better as others digress.  It is a story of healing, redemption, and taking care of your soul.

My favorite quote:

Reality.  Reality is a place I’ve avoided.  It’s stark. Uncomfortable.  Painful.  If I live there, I have to feel, and stretch, and grow.  I’ve preferred the land of Denial. It’s a dark, furtive place.  Yet a place of seeming ease.  But, I was wooed to Reality.  My ticket paid for, at a great price, by another. One whose call I could no longer resist.  And Reality isn’t a place one visits.  No. Reality is a place of no return.  But within its borders lies every good and perfect gift.

What have you been reading this month?  Any recommendations? 

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