Have You Ever Wanted to Recommend a Book to a Fictional Character?

Have you ever wanted to recommend a book to a fictional character?  Well I have.  This month as I was reading the latest Aggie book by Chautona Havig, I kept wanting to tell Aggie that she needed to read this new book by Stacey Thacker called Fresh Out of Amazing.

You see Aggie has 9 children and one on the way.  It’s been a crazy three years with inheriting her sister’s eight kids, remodeling a house, and marrying Luke.  As book 4, Ante Up! begins, the family is just moving back into their repaired home that had been vandalized by teenagers.  Instead of home sweet home, they find vandals have hit again.  To top it off, Aggie is eight months pregnant and feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling and the holidays approaching.  She is fresh out of amazing.  In other books, she is always singing hymns.  In this book, the singing has stopped.  Aggie finds herself doubting and losing her faith.   She is fresh out of amazing and holding on by a thread. Ante Up! is not only about Aggie’s faith struggle.  It is about teenagers struggling with social issues, the need to communicate with others when you need help, and holding on when everything looks bleak.  It is about a family who is determined to look to Jesus and make it work even when one of them is struggling.  This book was not as light hearted as the last three but was a good read.

Why would Fresh Out of Amazing be a good read for Aggie?  In the first half of her book, Stacey Thacker examines the different ways we can feel fresh out of amazing by using the lives of Ezekiel, Martha, Hannah, and the woman at the well.  I am sure Aggie could relate to chapters called “Burdened and Busy” or “I Feel Like My Dreams Have Died”.

Aggie and I both could use the reminder from Stacey that…

Fresh out of amazing isn’t a one-way ticket to despair; it is an opportunity to see God be big.  When we see God as big, we lose the desire to merely look at the horizontal.”  

In the second half of the book, Stacey uses the book of Habakkuk to show how to deal with being fresh out of amazing.  Stacey also shares how God has helped her in her fresh out of amazing place especially after the death of her father.   Stacey would tell Aggie that it is okay to wrestle with God in prayer. Start there and see where God leads.  For Habakkuk, it led to hearing from God and eventually being able to worship despite his hard circumstances. 

Just So you know I was given an advanced copy of Fresh Out of Amazing in return for an honest review.   I honestly think it is great book to help us in those fresh out of amazing seasons.  I look forward to going through this book in the future with a friend and having some good discussions on the topics.

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