Lessons Learned in July (2016 edition)

Lessons Learned in July (2016 edition)

July has gone by fast.  It has been a good month full of walks along the beach, playing Bananagrams with Big D, and getting my classroom ready for school to start.   Each day West Africa is feeling more and more like home.  It helps that our shipment came at the beginning of the month so I have my cozy blankets and kitchen gadgets.  What more could a girl ask for?

My intention was to blog more this summer but somehow I didn’t have a lot of say.  All my energy has gone into settling in and being present here, but I did learn some things this month and here they are.

1.   Time=Good conversations.

I know that saying is that it is quality time that counts, but I think with teenagers quantity leads to quality.  I have enjoyed having Big D here for the summer.  Due to there not being a lot to do, he has spent a lot of time hanging out with his mom and reading.  It is during that hanging out time that conversations just happen, and I get a glimpse into what he is thinking and how life is for him.   As he gets older, it has been good to have conversations about life that make me think and hopefully help him in his faith journey. 

   2. Our former team in Central Asia received their flight permissions.

It has been over a year in coming but they have permission for 6 months with the hope to extend that to longer.  Thank you for your prayers in this regard over the last year.  

 A part of my heart will always be there as I continue to pray for God’s love to conquer all.   The challenge for me now is to make room in my heart for this new people and place.

3.    Fresh Fish is Yummy!!

Last week a local guy came by my house twice selling fresh fish.  The first time it was red snapper.  We made a creole dish with a corn bread salad.  The second time he sold us a tuna which my husband smoked on our stovetop smoker.  I would have to say the tuna dish is a new favorite of mine.  It was my first time eating fresh tuna, and I must say it is nothing like the canned tuna.  Even Big D who hates tuna liked it.  I can’t wait to cook up the rest we have in the freezer.

4.   Now is the time to establish Holy Habits.

This week I finished up a study on the book of Daniel.  His integrity and faithfulness were not an accident.  From the beginning, he established holy habits when in chapter 1, he resolved to not eat the king’s food.  Throughout the book of Daniel, you see his first response to crisis is always prayer but you also see that he made a habit of daily prayer.  His relationship with God was a priority.  It also helped give him strength to stay true to God as he lived in the Babylonian culture. 

As our culture is gravitating to look more and more like Babylon, it is more important than ever to develop holy habits so we can stand firm.  Consistency is hard.  I don’t know why but consistent prayer time is the hardest for me.  I don’t want it to become just an item on my checklist but then I also don’t want to neglect this privilege we have of connecting with God.

What have you learned this month?  Any new fun tidbits?  Any new insights or resolves?