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Our family has been reading a lot this month.   It is rainy season so what better way to relax then to read and listen to the rain coming down on our roof.   Big D has been rereading all of his favorite series and trying out a few new books in different series that he likes.  My husband has been reading a lot of Davis Bunn and whatever novel I can find at the library online.   What I have been reading?  Keep reading to find out….

3 Rereads: The Aggie’s Inheritance Series by Chautona Havig

This last month Chautona Havig released her 4th book in this series called Ante Up.  I decided to give the first three books: Ready or Not, For Keeps, and Here We Come another read before diving into the newest book.   Aggie’s Inheritance is one of my all-time favorite series.  Aggie at age 23 finds out that after her sister and brother in law’s death, she is now the legal guardian of their eight children.  What does she know about parenting?   Why did her sister choose her? 
The plot is full of twisted ankles, new friends stepping in to help, false 911 calls, and the chicken pox.   Even as she is determined to stay single, two different men-William the cop and Luke the handy man become a part of her new family’s lives.   If you like Chautona’s books, you will find some appearances in the book of Chad and Willow from the Past Forward series.  Now if I can just find time to read book 4.

Two Adventure: Marc Royce Thriller books 2 and 3

My husband and I rediscovered Davis Bunn as a favorite author.  We read the first book in this series called Lion of Babylon a long time ago.  As I was searching for a book for my husband to read, I came across these two.  He enjoyed them so much I decided to read them too.

Book 2 is set in Kenya.  Marc is sent undercover to find a missing man and discover what mystery is behind this abduction. 
 What did I like about the book?  I loved the setting especially since I now live in Africa.  I enjoyed seeing how the church made up of different tribes joined together to seek God’s guidance.  Lastly I liked the reminder of the importance of building good relationships and treating all people with respect.  At times the action was a little more than I would have liked but then again the book’s genre is thriller.

Book 3 is set mostly in Switzerland which made me want to vacation there and sit along Lake Geneva drinking coffee and enjoying the view.  Marc is sent to make contact with a crooked art dealer only to almost be killed in the explosion of the art dealer’s gallery.  Marc along with a friend from the last book, a Swiss investigator, Persian art dealer, and others along the way work to stop a possible threat from Iran to the United States.  
What did I like?  First of all, I liked seeing the growth of each of the characters as they find out more about themselves.  I was inspired by how the main characters made hard, right decisions that might have meant trouble for them later.  I loved seeing how the diaspora church was involved in the process.  It was a great reminder of how true change comes only through Jesus.  Lastly I liked how the ending was not predictable but made sense to the story.

One Nonfiction: The Strategy of Satan

Soon after I moved to Africa, I was invited to a bible study group that was reading The Strategy of Satan by Warren Wiersbe.  I wasn’t really sure about the title but was excited to get to know some ladies in the community.  As I started reading, I discovered that this short book was practical and applicable to daily life.  The first four chapters take the examples of Eve, King David, Joshua the priest, and Job to show the four different strategies Satan uses.  The last half of the book goes into more detail about how to deal with temptation.  I liked how Warren Wiersbe used a good amount of scripture to make his points in each chapter.  This was not a book about demons being behind every corner but one that was a good reminder that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood.” Eph 6:12   For me personally, the book encouraged me to stay faithful in being in God’s word and taking every thought captive. 
What books have you read this month?   I would also love good book suggestions for men.  I am having trouble keeping my husband stocked with good books to read.  I am also linking up with Modern Ms. Darcy’s Quick Lit if you are in need of more reading recommendations.  

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