Lessons Learned in May (2016 Edition)

This monthly edition comes to you from West Africa where my husband and I now live. Each month I take time to look back on my month to see what I have learned whether it be serious, fun, or trivial.  I then join up with other bloggers at Chatting at the Sky in what they have learned this month. May began with orientation […]

What About West Africa?

As I write this, the rain is pounding down on my roof.  I am in West Africa, and it is rainy season.  Three months ago, I was living in Central Asia, and Africa was not even on my radar.   My husband and I were preparing to leave the place we had called home for almost 7 years and had no […]

Lessons Learned in April (2016 edition)

This month has worn me out.  We have traveled from Tennessee to North Carolina to Iowa to South Dakota to Idaho then back to Iowa.  Next came Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee and now we are in Illinois for the weekend seeing my sister.  It has been a month of transitioning and getting ready for our next adventure.  We have enjoyed time with friends and family.  Slowly […]