The Hope of Spring

Life has its seasons.  The beginning of spring is one of my favorites.  We have lived in places where winter seems like it is going to last forever.   One day is sunny and nice just to have our hopes dashed with snow or a week of rainy cold.   The official day for spring has past, and our heaters are […]

Good Reads for This Transition Season

Books can make or break a transition season.  Sometimes you just need fluff and something to distract you from the stress going on all around you. Other times you need advice and wisdom to lead you gracefully through this season.  This month my reading has been leaned towards the second with a little fluff mixed in.  Here are my reads for the month. 1. Essentialism: […]

What is Important Right Now?

This month I have been learning about the NOW- being present in the now.  What am I doing right now in the transition and waiting?  It is so easy to be living in the past or the future.  We might say, “I will do this when my kids are older.  Or if we had this, then I would do this.”  Or for me it might […]

Links for Those in Transition

I thought I would take the time to share some posts that have helped me these last few months as our family is going through this transition.  From Vaneetha Rendall Riser at Desiring God: When the Detour Becomes Your New Road  How am I viewing this new direction?  This post gave me much to contemplate. “This new road that I am on, […]

Grieving a Dream

Today I am missing my Central Asian students.  It’s been over a year since our school closed, and it is only now that I have allowed myself to cry over that loss.  Some people thought our school could come back.  I knew that wouldn’t happen in this climate and season.   Still I waited to grieve-not because I thought the school would start again, […]