What I learned in November (2015 Edition)

What I learned in November (2015 Edition)

As I sit here in my classroom of three months, I feel this is my place yet still feel strangely like it could change any minute.  Our future here still has so many if’s.  Frankly I am tired of the if’s but grateful that my future is not totally unknown.  I know the ending, and it is good.  

It is the end of the month where I reflect back on the lessons for the month.  These lessons may be fun or serious or even trivial.  I also link up with Emily and other bloggers at Chatting at the Sky on the lessons they have learned.  

Without further ado, here are my lessons for the month:

1. It is Worth it for One Student.

I really only have one student who we have decided I will refer to as the Great M.  We moved to this place knowing I would pretty much have one student.  For this time and place, it is a good fit for both of us.  We are enjoying mornings full of fractions, Egyptian history, science experiments. and figuring out the writing process.  For a time each morning, I add in two other students for their math, but then I am back to teaching the Great M.  Fifth grade isn’t so bad for this high school teacher when I have just one student.

Why is it worth it?  There are so many reasons, but I will name a few.  It helps her family do what they do best for our team while I get to do something that I love to do and am hopefully good at.  I am investing in a child who will one day go out in the world.  That is always worth it.  Plus it makes me miss my children who are off at their schools just a little bit less.  In time, God will send more children my way but for now, this is my place. 

2. Being a Part of a Book Launch is Fun but Daunting.

This month I was able to read two books that are just now coming out and review them.  It was fun to be a part of the process, and both books were great reads.  The daunting part was writing a good review.  Not because the books weren’t excellent, but because I didn’t want my words to get in the way of someone else reading their words.  

So if you need a fun Christmas read, check out Chautona Havig’s newest book Carol and the Belles which released Thanksgiving. 

Or if you prefer Christian Fantasy, check out Jill Williamson’s book The Darkness Reigns which is currently free at Amazon and releases December 1. 

Or you might be like me, and just read both of them. 

3. Transitions Take Time and Grace

I crave the familiar.  Maybe that is why my favorite part of Thanksgiving day was cuddling up on the couch with my Honey and watching You’ve Got Mail which I have seen dozens of times.  

We are three months into our transition.  It takes time and for me just a little more time.  I am learning to be patient with myself and to extend grace not only to myself but also to those around me.  It is a blessing that most of my days have a good routine to them, and I am treasuring this time of just my Honey and I as we take hikes, cook together, or read together.

I also have to watch that I don’t feed the introverted side of myself too much.  When things are stressful, I just want to retreat and be by myself.  Sometimes that is needed.  Other times I just need to dive into life here.  

4. Lasagna Soup is Now One of Favorite Soups

We almost didn’t try out this recipe that we found since we didn’t have ricotta cheese or Italian sausage and couldn’t find fresh basil.  For our city, basil is out of season.  We then tried making ricotta cheese, and it was a fail.  

But we didn’t give up.  We used ground beef instead of Italian Sausage.  Cream instead of Ricotta.  Dried Basil instead of fresh.  Since we also can’t find fire roasted tomatoes where we are, my husband smoked some tomatoes for this soup.  I think the smoked tomatoes was what made our other substitutes work.  

The soup was delicious for the cold days we are having here and tasted even better the second day.  Here is the link to the recipe in case you want to give it a try.  I can’t wait to try it again when we are in the states with all of the correct ingredients. 

5.  It is Going to Be a Cold Winter

The days are nice here but the nights get really cold.  We have been running our heaters much more than we did in the capitol city.  When my Honey is out of town, I usually sleep on our couch so I don’t have to brave the cold bedroom by myself.  On the bright side, it is beautiful with the snow.  Here is a glimpse of where we live from the roof of our house.

Well that is it for this month.  I would love to hear what you learned this month in the comments.

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