Two Books Read with My Prince Charming Plus One (November Quick Lit)

It is kind of scary that I have read 100 books this year and it is only November.  It is not even like I am trying to reach a goal or anything.  Some people ask me how I read so many books.  The snarky answer is one page at a time.  But in someways that is how I do it.  I don’t find that I have to read for long periods of time but will often read a page or two while waiting for an appointment, my next flight, or even for my husband to get off the phone.  

Once again I am doing Quick Lit with Anne at Modern Ms. Darcy.  Each month Anne and other bloggers give short reviews on some of the books they have read that month.  Instead of watching TV in the evenings, my Prince Charming and I have been reading books together.  This month we read two different books.  Here are their reviews.

1. Highlands (Journey of Dreams: Book Two) by Chautona Havig

Even though this book is part of a series, it can be read alone.  Tony wakes up in the Highlands and finds he is not in LA anymore.  But what does that mean for him and his future?  The book is about Tony learning the culture and adapting to living in the Highlands where life is different and people look at life differently.   Even as he is accused of something he did not do, Tony tries to make this place his home and finds out it truly can be home.  

As we read, both my Prince Charming and I not only laughed but cried as we enjoyed Tony’s journey. It is challenging living in a culture that is not your own even if they seem to speak the same language.   When do you accept that life is that way it is, and when do you challenge that culture?  As a person living in a culture that is not my own, it is a daily challenge.  Even though this book is a novel, it gave me many things to think about in regards to culture and how I view those who are different from me.
This was a WII book with a fun twist.  The book centers around Captain Greene who is shot down over Nazi Germany and captured.  Instead of taking him to a regular POW camp, he is instead experimented on.  Can you guess why it is called Methuselah considering the Bible guy lived to be 969 years old?  The story bounces back and forth between Captain Greene and a girl named Katherine in present day until the past meets the present.  It is story of endurance, intrigue, and figuring out who you are.

My Prince Charming and I loved the pilot aspect of the story since my husband is a pilot.  Captain Greene was always using aviation lingo in his regular conversation which made the dialogue unique.  The story was also unpredictable making us keep reading one night until long past our bedtime so we could find out the ending.
Now for my PLUS ONE....

3. Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles): Part One by Jill Williamson

This book is currently free right now and releases December 1st.  It is a Christian fantasy book set in the Five Realms with well developed characters and a plot that keeps you reading.  Earthquakes are becoming more and more common even with frequent sacrifices to Barthos, the god of the soil.  The King of Armania still needs to choose an heir to his throne from his three sons.  Who will it be?  His choice could determine the future of his realm.  Magnonia, a realm ruled by women, is determined to rule all the realms even if it takes magic to do it.  This book sets the stage for the rest of the series and does a great job of not only introducing the characters but the plot.  At first, I thought I would be overwhelmed by all the different characters, but the author did a great job of making them memorable and tying everything together enough to keep you reading to find out more.  Warning: You will want to read part II.  

FYI: I was allowed to read this book early in return for an honest review.  But I really liked it and can’t wait for the rest of my family to read it so we can talk about it.

(Note: The book links are affiliate links which may someday help support my reading habit.)

What have you been reading this month?  Any good recommendations or books to avoid?

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