What I learned in November (2015 Edition)

As I sit here in my classroom of three months, I feel this is my place yet still feel strangely like it could change any minute.  Our future here still has so many if’s.  Frankly I am tired of the if’s but grateful that my future is not totally unknown.  I know the ending, and it is good.   It is the end […]

My Favorite Thing to Do on Thanksgiving Evening

I love Thanksgiving- the food, the conversations, and the games.  But as the sun goes down, this girl finds herself tired and ready to be away from people.  which is why my favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving evening is to snuggle up on the couch with a good book.   This past year, one of my favorite go-to authors […]

A Spirit of Fear

I live in a country where I have had to go on lock down because of terriost attacks.   I have had my front door blown open because of a car bomb over three blocks away.  Friends have been killed because of terrorist attacks.  In those moments, fear can come in and paralyze you.   I have a choice.  I can live […]

Madame Secretary Musing

(image from Here) We don’t watch a lot of TV.  Our internet is slow which makes downloading any shows challenging at times.  So my husband and I decided on two shows to keep up with this year, and Madame Secretary is one of them.   Our favorite scenes usually include the interactions between the Secretary and her husband. I love to see […]