Tears Musing

Do you ever have those seasons where tears seem to come more easily than you would like?   I am in one of those seasons.  It would be okay if the tears would wait to fall until after I am in my house all by myself.  Sometimes they refuse to wait as much as I try to distance myself from the emotion that is wanting to take over.  It can be a question about my kids and how I am doing with them on a different continent.  Or it could be someone blindsiding me by telling me my husband is getting home a day later than I expected.   

In heaven, there will be no tears because it is then and only then that tears will not be needed. For this lifetime, tears help us show joy, sadness, or even frustration.  Sometimes they even help us get a piece of dust out of our eye. A good cry can leave you drained but can also be therapeutic. Tears show that a story touches us at a deeper level. Tears help  grieve a loss in our lives. When we let emotions build up too much without dealing with them, tears are the result of a dam of pent up feelings bursting.  Tears can come silently or in gut wrenching sobs.  They are a universal language.

The poet in Psalm 56 tells of God putting our tears in a bottle.  Other psalmists cry out to God through their tears. Tears show we are sorry. Tears show our hurt. Tears show we care.  Psalms reminds us that God sees us in our joy, grief, and hurts.  

Too often I keep the tears in and then they come out all wrong. The thing is that God made us to feel. If we didn’t feel then we would not be able to love and care for those around us. Tears show that something is happening that we care about. We may cry with a friend who has suffered a loss.   We may cry over our sin. We may cry because we feel lost and alone. It is in our tears that we are the most vulnerable.  But it is often in the vulnerable where God can move and that is a place where I want to be.

So for this season, I am praying that my tears will be appropriate and will make me more sensitive to those around me. I pray that I will seek God through my tears and not just have a pity party for myself. I pray that my emotions will be indicators not dictators (Lysa Terkueust) and that I will be able to truly show Christ in this season.