Releasing Our Children into the Hands of God

Releasing Our Children into the Hands of God

This last month I left each of my children on a different continent.  With each stop, I also left a piece of my heart.   Both W and D are in great places for this season in their life, but I am not longer one of their major influences.   Whether our children are separated from us because of school, rebellion, or some other circumstance, it is hard. It can be hard when they live in the same house with us. But it is in the distance that I remember that they were always in the hands of God.   They were God’s gift to me for a time to love, guide, and show them the way they should go.  I had no control over their destiny.  I was just able to be a part of their story.   And as much as I thought I was in control, I was only in control of my words and actions.  The rest was up to God.

I can second guess myself at this stage and wonder if it was enough.  Did I do the right things?  Did I say the right words?  But I can’t go there.  God is in control of their past, present and future.   Now the question is what do I do now?  To start with, I can pray.  Each day, I can surrender these dear ones into the hands of God praying that they will feel his presence and follow him with all their heart, soul, and mind.   I can remember that God has always been the author of their story.  This is something that I should have been doing all along through each stage of their journey.   I can trust that God’s plan for them is perfect for them.  He will not give up on them no matter what they go through.  He loves them more than I do.

So this afternoon I am thankful.  I am thankful for a great God who holds all things in his hand.  I am thankful that both of my children are seeking God.  My prayer is that they will continue to follow faithfully all their days.   I am thankful for Facebook and Skype keeping us connected.   Lastly, I am thankful that I will have many more times with them to laugh, live and enjoy life together.  Our story together is not finished but for now it is just taking place on different continents.

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