Is the Holy Spirit Welcome Here?

Is the Holy Spirit Welcome Here?

The month of July has basically been one big road trip for Big D and I.  We have been to Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Texas and Arkansas.  As we travel, we both love listening to music.  Sometimes we listen to the different radio stations we found, and other times we listen to Big D’s Apple Music collection.  (We are testing out a free three month trial.)  As we listen, I have been inspired, encouraged, and convicted by the words of the songs.  Some songs cut straight to the heart, and other songs are just fun.  

It is so easy though to get a catchy song caught in my head but not in my heart.   Take for example, Francesca Battistelli’s song, Holy Spirit.  See the lyrics here.  This worship song is actually one of my favorites but can be dangerous.  Why?  You ask.  The song is meant to help set the stage for worship and to help the worshiper focus on God.  I think it does that but I also think sometimes we might want the feeling of God’s presence but not all that comes with it.  I have been guilty of that.  I forget that worship should be more about God than my emotions.

When I say, “Holy Spirit, you are welcome here.”  Am I wanting all the Holy Spirit is and offers or just a good feeling?  Am I going for an emotion or a change in me?  Am I ready for the whole work of the Holy Spirit? 

  • In John 14:26, the Holy Spirit wants to teach me all things and bring to remembrance the words of Jesus.
  • In John 15: 8-11, this same Spirit convicts us concerning sin, righteousness, and judgement.
  • In John 15: 13, the Holy Spirit will guide us to all truth.
  • Galatians 5:22-23 reminds us of the fruit that comes from having the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  Fruit like love, patience, faith, and so forth.
  • Romans 8:26,27 encourages us with the words that the Holy Spirit will pray for us when we don’t know what to pray.
Am I ready to be convicted of my sin and changed from the inside out?  It might hurt.  There might be tears but there will be healing.  Do I really want the truth?  Am I ready to change my point of view to one that is inline with God’s point of view?  What if it is different than those around me?  Is there a burden I need to lay down and just sit there as the Holy Spirit prays for me?  Am I ready for the Holy Spirit to make me more like Jesus as his fruit becomes more evident in me?  

Yes. Yes. Yes.  I am ready.  I might be a little nervous but I am ready. I am ready to get rid of the sin that gets in the way of his light shining.  My prayer is that his truth and grace will flow through me as I talk with others about life and the issues of today.  Mostly I don’t want to do life alone.  I need the Holy Spirit to guide me, and his fruit to be at work in me.

Worship can be a feeling but it is also much more.  It is seeing who I am in view of who God is.  It is not wanting to stay where I am but to want to be what God wants me to be.  It is a changing from the inside out.  When the Holy Spirit is welcome, it is there that revival will start.  So may we not just say the words but each and everyday welcome God’s spirit to work and live in us.  

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here.

Blessings, TJ