What I Learned in June (2015 Edition)

What I Learned in June (2015 Edition)

Two years ago I did my very first link up ever with Emily at Chatting at the Sky on things we had learned that month.  I was recovering from a broken foot and the other links were fun entertainment as I recovered.   Even though I don’t know any of the other bloggers join in the linkup in person,  I have enjoyed getting to know them through their posts plus learn a few things in the process.   Living overseas it has also helped me feel a bit more connected with my home culture.

This month has flown by.  I finished school with my students, purged some of our stuff, did lots of cleaning, and took a few language lessons.  Tomorrow Big D and I leave and head for the states.   It will be hard being away from my husband for a month,  but Big D and I have a fun road trip planned. It will be good to have this extra time with Big D before he heads to boarding school in the fall.
So what did I learn this month?  Here are just a few things.

1. My son is better at scrabble than I am.

It all started when I was playing Words with Friends on my iPhone.  Big D would jump in and help from time to time but became really good at finding hit point words by stacking his words, using two letter words, and taking advantage of high point squares.   Big D and I have been scrabble almost every day.  Currently we are tied 3-3, but I have a feeling today he will break that tie and come out on top.  Of course, I might have a chance if I can just get a few of those high point letters like Q, Z and X.    Whether I win or lose, playing scrabble has been a great way for us to spend some time together.  

2. Purging is Good.

This month was a great month to get rid of stuff.  Both W and Big D are going away to school in the fall so we are pretty much getting rid of anything that they aren’t taking back to the states.  With the kids leaving, it is a good time to downsize in case we need to move to a different house or location.  How did we get so much stuff?  I have no idea.   It feels great to get rid of things we don’t need or use and bless some of our national friends with our stuff.   A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who is amazing at keeping her things to a minimum shared three rules that she and her husband use when deciding whether to keep, give or throw away an item.  I didn’t follow these religiously,  but they were helpful.  Here they are…
1. Do I like it?
2. Do I need it?
3. Do I use it?
If the answer to all three questions is yes then definitely keep it.  If the answer to just two is yes, maybe keep it.  

3.  Faith allows us to see our circumstances totally different from those who don’t have faith.  

Our family has been listening to the podcast sermons for a series about being in the wilderness from our home church.   Last week’s podcast was on walking by faith and timely for this season without flight permissions.  The pastor talked about the twelve spies and how some saw the situation through eyes of faith and the others did not.    Caleb and Joshua claimed God’s promise that God would give them the Promised Land.  They saw God as big enough to handle the situation.  The other spies could only see the giants in the land.  Right now we are trying to see our situation here through eyes of faith.  God can help us get flight permissions if it is part of his plan.  We are not in panic but in prayer for what God wants for us here.   This is a different place than I was in a few years ago when it looked like the kids’ school might not get funding.  I was in panic mode and lost some sleep over it until it was all resolved.   Pray with us that we will continue to walk by faith and that we will have some resolution to the situation soon.

4.  Bible study bonds women together.

This month 3 others ladies and I finished up Beth Moore’s James study.   I mentioned last month that I wanted to go a deeper in some of my friendships.  This study helped me do that as we shared, prayed together and kept each other accountable.  Two of the ladies are empty nesters with lost of wisdom.  One is a new mom with an excitement for God’s word and learning.  Then there is me.  We are hoping in the fall to do another study.  Any suggestions on what to do?

What have you learned this month?  If you are interested, here are more fun posts at Emily’s.

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      I am reviewing the Warrior Chicks book. I love it and it has a Bible Study Component. I hope to have my book review up later this week.

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