June Worship Musing

June Worship Musing

Yesterday in our family worship time, we sang “Sovereign” by Michael W. Smith.   As we sang, the words soaked in reminding me of truths I already knew.  Worship is like that.  It centers us back on truth whether it is old truth or new truth.  Worship helps us remember that while we want to change our circumstances, God wants to change our hearts.  While we want comfort, God wants to be glorified in our weakness.   We want happiness but God brings joy.

My focus this year is worship-taking time to worship in the everyday.  I am finding that obedience and worship go hand in hand.  Each day I have a choice.  Will I obey or will I shy away from the hard?  Maybe it’s not hard that I am avoiding but the mundane.  When I approach those mundane tasks with a  heart of worship, they are no longer mundane but a place where I can meet God.

Currently my favorite place to worship is at my kitchen sink.  No one usually bothers mom while she is doing dishes.  He or she might be asked to help.  As I immerse my hands in the soapy water,  I pray for my family, my team, and my day.  Other times I listen to an audiobook or sing along with worship music.  Some days it comes easy.  Other days I am tired and can’t believe that I am doing dishes once again.  (We don’t have a dishwasher so we have lots of dishes.) The thing is either way God meets me.  All I have to do is take a step in His direction.  Yes, there are still days that I mumble under my breath about having to do the dishes.  I hate those days because I usually end up saying something I regret to one of my family members.  It is much better to meet God while I do those dishes.  It is in those moments that I feel loved and know that I can do this thing of life.  My mood shifts.  My dishes are done.  Life in many ways is reset.  When I fix my eyes on God, my life is reset.   I come away from the sink with clean dishes and new perspective.

Where do you worship?  Do you have a special place or task where you find time to meet with God?  What helps you?  Feel free to share all about your place or task in the comments.  Blessings, TJ