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Road Block or Hurdle

Road Block or Hurdle

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A roadblock is something big.  There is no way around it.  It clearly says turn around and go another way.  It is obvious.  The roadblock might be cancer, being fired, no visa, or even being kicked out of the country where you are serving.   The signs are clear you need to go in another direction. 
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Hurdles are smaller but sometimes look like road blocks.  They may come in the form of endless paper work and meetings, no results, or hard days with difficult people.  These hurdles drain you, but mostly they are part of life anywhere.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if something is a road block or a hurdle.  Take for instance, you find out that your kid’s school is closing; a family member is sick at home; or you are once again having trouble obtaining permissions to do the work you need to do.  It may even be being short staffed with no end to the work.  These are the places where miracles can take place.  They are also what God can use to direct us in a new direction.  How do we know?  We can’t trust our heart.   According to Jeremiah, our heart is deceitful.  We need to go to the source.  We need to ask God for wisdom knowing that he has the answers.

Sometimes a hurdle becomes a road block because we are too tired to go over it.  Some seasons have more hurdles than others.  You are tired-worn out, and the sight of another hurdle makes you want to cry.  You want to just sit there by the side of the road and quit. Maybe the last hurdle has you still hurting with no energy to get back up.  

It is in times like these that we need to remember that it is in our weakness, he is strong. It is in the dark times that his glory shines the brightest.  So now I sit with this thing in front of me.  Is it a hurdle or a roadblock?   I don’t know which it is, but one thing I do know is that God is sitting beside me.  He is going before me, and He is behind me.  I am not alone.  So now I wait to hear, do I go or stay.  Do I do this or that?  It is in relationship with the Creator God that I will know whether I am to turn back from the road block, gracefully jump over the hurdle, or maybe find away around the road block/hurdle.  

What hurdle or road block is in your path right now?  I would love to pray for you and what you are facing.  Just leave a comment below.   It seems our family has had many hurdles this past year and once again we are waiting for permission to keep flying in this place.  Pray with us for wisdom and God’s grace during this season.  Pray for us to patiently endure what comes next.  

Dear God, Be with road blocks and hurdles that are in our lives.  May we not try to cross them in our own strength.  May we seek your wisdom first of all.  Use these hurdles to direct us and make us strong.  Work in us and through us.  May our eyes be fixed on the author of our faith as we take the next steps down the path you have for us.  Give us the energy to do hard things even if it means another round of hurdles in our path.   In Jesus’ name, Amen

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