Just What I Needed Today

Just What I Needed Today

Today I read a blog post that someone shared on Facebook. 

 My eyes filled with tears as I read Rachel Pieh Jones’ story, Another Chance to Be Afraid-and Trust God in Christianity Today Online.  She shared her fears about her children and herself as they live in Africa.  I found myself understanding her fear even though we live in different places.  When I take a trip to the grocery store, I wonder is it worth the risk for something special that I want?   When I send my kids off to a friend’s house or leave them at home for an hour or so, their safety is in the back of my mind until they return home. I don’t feel like I live in fear but security is a big part of my life here.  I also think it is important to recognize my fears so that I can more fully cling to and trust Jesus.
Rachel then says this.
I would rather go with this Jesus into my fear than be left behind, safe and on my own. And right there, I see all the motivation I need to cling to him: Safe is an illusion, and my lust for it can do nothing to guarantee it. When the disease comes, when the plane crashes, when bombs burst, when loved ones grow old, right there in the middle of brokenness, fear, and the utter destruction of any illusion of safety, I need Jesus. This need doesn’t cancel out my fears. It teaches me trust. And the way God teaches me trust comes in unexpected ways.

To this quote, I say AMEN!  No matter where you live or your circumstances maybe you can relate too.  
Blessings, TJ
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