Sometimes Moms Need a Time Out

It had been long day teaching, and now I was cooking my second big meal of the day.   I was tired and wasn’t excited about what I was cooking.  Lunch had turned out okay but took twice as long to cook since the gas bottle went out in the middle of cooking.  Now my supper looked to be just […]

What Does Your Soul Long For?

We are all in different places and different seasons.  Some of us long for peace and security.  Others long for love and acceptance.  Still others long for respect or contentment.   Deep down what our soul really longs or yearns for is God.  When we are honest with ourselves and stop and listen, we realize that all of the above […]

Just What I Needed Today

Today I read a blog post that someone shared on Facebook.   My eyes filled with tears as I read Rachel Pieh Jones’ story, Another Chance to Be Afraid-and Trust God , in Christianity Today Online.  She shared her fears about her children and herself as they live in Africa.  I found myself understanding her fear even though we live in different places.  When […]