When Fear Wants to Creep In

When Fear Wants to Creep In

Spring is in the air.  The trees are starting to grow their leaves.  The swing outside beckons me to come and enjoy the sun.  I am excited about spring coming after a long winter.  I won’t have to worry about keeping warm all the time, and hopefully our electricity will improve.  Strawberries are starting to appear in the bazaar, and mangos will follow soon.  Today we will even have friends over to use our outside pizza oven for the first time this year.  

I have been anticipating the joys of springs but in the back of my mind apprehension is creeping in.  Last year it was spring when two tragic events happened in our community.  It was on bright, sunny, spring days that our lives were suddenly changed.  The past few months have been quiet.  They have been cold but quiet.  As spring comes in, a whisper says that maybe this spring will be peaceful.  Another voice encourages fear.  It wants me to be afraid of the unknown.  It wants to steal the joy of this moment.  It wants to hold me captive.  That is why I am thankful to have words of truth spoken into the fear that wants to creep in.

These words of truth come from the blog Desiring God but from two different authors.   In the first post, What is Your Greatest Fear,  Martin Sergai points out that…

As eternally safe as we are in Jesus, fears in this life still cloud our sense of comfort and confidence in Christ. For sure, they are lesser fears, but that doesn’t make them any less real and tangible and imminent….

But the logic of Psalm 27:1 suggests that all of these threats are nothing in light of who God is for us. The greatest horror we can ever face is having our sin-filled lives held up before a holy God….

Through faith in Christ, though, that threat has been cast aside forever. For us as believers, the biggest, scariest, most intimidating, longest-lasting terror was turned away and destroyed. The crisis has been averted. The distress has passed. The guilt removed. The execution canceled. The God of the universe satisfied and vindicated. So we no longer need to fear. 

These words reminded me that God is “satisfied and vindicated.”  Since I have put my faith and trust in Jesus, I need no longer fear.  When fears want to creep in, I need to take those fears captive and put them in perspective with God’s words and his promises.  

The second author, Jon Bloom writes about Can We Really Be Free From Excessive Fears?   He reminds the reader that 

Fear is designed by God and has a wonderful, protective benefit for us when it functions as God designed it. Instinctual fears are tremendous mercies, protecting us from danger before we even have time to think. Rational fears, the fears we have time to think about, when operating under the governance of faith, can protect us from all manner of foolish and sinful impulses and from external, deceptive evil.

Mr. Bloom then points out that

Misplaced fear becomes a tyrant that imposes constrictive limits and leaves us debilitated in some or much of our lives. Under its rule we don’t do what we know we should because we are afraid.

The rest of the post advises us on how we can be free from the excessive fear that wants to creep in and take control.  Mr Bloom’s words remind me to fear God even in the midst of the storms that may want to overtake me.  I encourage you to read both posts in their entirety. 

Dear God, In your word, you said that perfect love casts out fear.  Thank you for your perfect love.  May I take the fear captive that want to creep in.  May I replace it with fear for you because whom shall I fear when I have you.  Help me to be discerning and remember that you use fear to protect us at times so I need not be fearless but wise and discerning.  In Jesus name, Amen

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