A Classic, A Biography, and A Just What I Needed

This past month has been perfect for cuddling up next to the warm bukhari (heater) and reading or maybe staying in my warm bed an extra few minutes while I read just one more chapter.  Most people stay up late reading. I am the opposite.  With my husband’s schedule, I am more likely to wake up when he does and read in the morning until my regular wake up time.  I am making headway in finishing the way too many books I have started so that now I only have six books started.  My ideal number is three books so maybe I will get there soon if I stop starting new books.  Here are three books that I finished this month.  

1.  A Classic: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

For Big D’s history/English, he has to read a book every two weeks.  I am trying to read with him so it makes it easier to discuss.   This classic was confusing at first until I became accustomed to Mr. Dickens’ writing style and started figuring out how all the seemingly disjointed plots were important to the story.   The book takes place in England and France before and during the French Revolution.  It was a story of love, forgiveness and second chances, but it was also a story of revenge and a bloody revolution.  I found myself crying as I read the last few chapters to see the love that these friends had for each other even to the point of being willing to sacrifice themselves for the other.

2.  A Biography: 10 People Every Christian Should Know by Warren W. Wiersbe

This has been a book in progress for over a year.  I love my kindle but every once in a while I will lose track of a book that I am reading.  Each chapter is a short biography of a different person such as Jonathan Edwards, Hudson Taylor, and AW Tozer.  I liked the idea of learning about each of these people and their lives through reading just a chapter not a whole book.  I didn’t like how the author would spend part of the chapter mentioning other books that could be read on that person when he could have just listed those books at the end.   Here are three quotes that stuck with me.

A quote from Hudson Taylor. “All God’s giants have been weak men, who did great things for God because they reckoned on HIs being with them.”

 A quote from D.L. Moody. “I’d rather be able to pray than to be a great preacher.  Jesus never taught his disciples how to preach, but only how to pray.”

A quote from Oswald Chambers. “Never make a principle out of your own experience; let God be as original with other people as He is with you.”

3. A Just What I Needed: Firefly Island (The Shores of Moses Lake book 3) by Lisa Wingate.

I seem to have a knack for reading book series out of order.  Lucky for me, this book could be read by itself if needed.  As I started the book, it almost seemed like just a fun fluff romance book but as the book went on and the characters developed, I enjoyed getting to know the town and how Mallory, the main character, adapted to being a wife and a mom.   I was inspired as Mallory learned to die to her version of self in order to be who she really should be.  I was encouraged to engage more in my life as I read about Mallory reaching out and engaging with those around her.  Lastly, I enjoyed seeing how the plot thickened and resolved with a few surprise twists.  It was a relaxing read after a long week of teaching school.  What books have you read in the last month?  Would you recommend them or  not?  If you are interested in more book lists, I am linking up with Anne at Modern Ms. Darcy in her Quick Lit Monthly Linkup.

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3 thoughts on “A Classic, A Biography, and A Just What I Needed

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      So that's what "A Tale of Two Cities" is about! I never got far enough into it for the storylines to merge – and didn't clue into the time period either. I'll have to give it another crack 🙂 Popping over from MMD

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      How fun to be reading aloud with your son – and Charles Dickens, no less! You must have had a lot to discuss! 🙂

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        It was fun discussing it with him. Our book for this week and next is Pride and Prejudice. I don't think he is enjoying this one quite so much but I am.

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