Worship Musing

Last week a friend asked me my goals for the year.   She had some clear identifiable goals which was great.  I have no idea what the next few months will look like and to just survive is probably not a good goal.  Then I remembered my word for the year is WORSHIP.    My goal is worship.  I wrote back to my friend telling her that my goal was worship but I didn’t know how to measure it.  Her response was that my heart was the measure.  It is still not measurable as some would define measurable, but worship does put my heart in the right place.  Worship is a reminder of who God is and who I am as His child.  Worship gives me me a high view of God and an accurate view of myself.

Worship comes in all shapes and sizes.   I can worship with tears or with shouts of joy.  Or I might worship alone and in silence one day and with the body of Christ singing in harmony the next.  Sometimes I need to be on my knees, and other times I can’t help but stand with my hands raised to heaven.  What is most important is that I worship.  I was made to worship by my creator.  I am whole when my heart worship in spirit and truth.  Why then is it so hard to take time to worship?  How can I not just naturally incline my heart towards worship?  Worship brings glory to the God who is also called “I AM”, but worship also brings healing.   At his altar, I leave my worries and my cares.  In his hands, I commit my plans.  With Him, I am loved and free to sing.

Right now my favorite time to worship is in the mornings before my kids get up.  I sit cuddled with a blanket, journal, my kindle and a cup of coffee reading, praying and sometimes singing.   My favorite place to worship is in my kitchen (but not necessarily in the morning) as I cook and clean.   My time in the kitchen is a great time to listen to worship music or even podcasts.  Currently,  I am missing worshiping corporately as our security only allows small groups.  I am so glad that God understands and takes us where and how we are.   Each season is different.    In this season, worshiping with our kids each week is making some good memories as we sing together and listen and discuss a sermon podcast.

This week I started the book of Revelation in the Message.  Revelation is a book on worship and in the intro. Eugene Peterson writes these words.

Worship shapes the human community in response to the living God.  If worship is neglected or perverted, our communities fall into chaos or under tyranny.  

Our times are not propitious for worship.  The times never are.  The world is hostile to worship.  The Devil hates worship.  As the Revelation makes clear, worship must be carried out under conditions decidedly uncongenial to it.  Some Christians even get killed because they worship.”

If the early church could worship in the midst of persecution and Job could worship when all was taken away, then there is no reason why I can’t worship in my circumstances and season?  This is a great reminder for me on those days I want to just crawl in the corner with a good book or keep myself busy with project after project.   This is a challenge for me on the days when danger is near, we hear friends are leaving, or we are unsure about what is next.

What are your thoughts on worship?  When it is hard or easy for you?  Do you have a special time or place that makes it easier?  I would love to hear your thoughts.   TJ