Two Yes’s, One Maybe, and Two Maybe Nots

At the end of last year, I was disappointed at the books still left on my books I wanted to read in 2014 list.  So this year, I made my list shorter and put them all in their own special folder on my kindle.  The problem is I still have to open the books and read them.   This last month I have found it hard to sit down and concentrate long enough to read so my list is still going unread.  Then there is the problem of having started eight different books, but I am not really too interested in any of them.  In the end, I did manage to read the following books.  Here are my short reviews.

Two Yes’s:

This novel is about Rahab and what might have happened between her helping rescue the spies and her marriage to Salmon and becoming the mother of Boaz.  What faith Rahab had!  The book inspired me to think about what I believe about God and what He can do.  This was the only book this month that I had trouble putting down.

A Field Guide for Everyday Mission by Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts
I am enjoying that this book is designed to read one short chapter a day.  It has been a great reminder of our need to be on mission and gives practical ideas on how to do that.  I also like that the authors are from Fort Worth since Fort Worth is one of my favorite places and  where our family lived for many years.  The book is split up into weeks with five chapters for each week and a story of someone living on mission for day six or seven.

One Maybe:

My husband read this book a year or so ago and liked it.  I was wanting a read with a little adventure so I decided to give it a try.  It is written  more for men but one of the main character’s was a woman with amazing skills so I was hooked.  She saves another country’s leader’s daughter from being kidnapped and goes on the run with her.  The story bounced back and forth from the two ladies to the Spec Ops team sent in to rescue them.   I enjoyed the plot and character development of the team.  The reason this book is a maybe is due to the fact I read the book out of order.  This was frustrating since I tried to figure out which book was first before starting.  So if you like army stories and would like to read something by these authors.   The order of the books is Certain Jeopardy, Blaze of Glory, Fallen Angel, then Hide and Seek.

Two Maybe Nots:

Democracy Society by John Christmas
I read this book hoping it would be a book that W could read while she was waiting on her government books to come in.  It makes a lot of good points about the role of economics, democracy, and socialism but the story was too hokey with over the top characterizations.   The plot is about what would happen if we had total democracy in the states which turned into socialism.  What would happened to the economy?  Could we survive?

Hatching Twitter by Nick Bolton
I thought this book might be interesting since it was recommended more than once on other book lists.  It was not a book for me.  I don’t twitter.  I couldn’t relate to the people in the book and what was going on between them.  I am sure it is good memoir just one I didn’t enjoy.

What did you read this month that you would recommend or not recommend?   If you are interested in what other bloggers are reading I am linking up with Anne at the Modern Mrs. Darcy in her monthly link up.

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