A Geranium Musing

A Geranium Musing

Geraniums always make me think of my Grandma who had geraniums in pots as part of her flower beds.  They seemed so grandmotherly which is probably why when we lived in the states, I avoided having them in my flower beds.  When we moved to Central Asia, I was pleasantly surprised to find geraniums here.  Not only do they grow here, they grow well here.  So I decided our back patio needed some potted plants which included geraniums, a cactus and some other flower that I killed off way to quickly.  I have enjoyed these flowers over the past few years even if they are a bit grandmotherly.   Because they don’t like the cold, I bring the geraniums inside during the cold months so they will hopefully survive the winter.  The problem is that they will have to survive me remembering to water them.  Thankfully it is February, and they are all alive-some of them more than others.  Here is a picture of two of them.

One is thriving and the other is still alive but struggling a bit.  Both plants have the same soil and received the same amount of water.  The only difference is that the one on the right may had less sunlight due to the curtain not being pulled back all the way. One of the geraniums is full of life and ready for spring.  The other one is barely holding on.  

It has been a long winter but spring is in the air.  I want to be the geranium on the right ready for spring not just barely hanging on.  Some days I am there, and other days not so much.  Like the plant on the right, just a little more sunlight makes a difference.  I often go a day or two without leaving my house. On those days when I step outside even just to walk around the yard for a few minutes or hang out the laundry, I feel a big difference in my mood and disposition.  Physically and emotionally I feel better.  Spiritually, there are days I need a little more sonlight.  I need a few more minutes sitting at my savior’s feet to worship, to hear his voice, and reconnect.   I need life that only the Son can give me. 

Sometimes we think everything is all or nothing.  We have to go big or go home.  Our quiet time needs to be an hour or we need to spend thirty minutes in prayer.  Those things are good I am sure.  Maybe though it is not as complicated as we think.  Maybe we just need a little more.  Just like the one geranium needing a little more sunlight, I need a little more of the Son.  A little more is doable and a good place to start.   A little more is attainable yet can still make a difference.    Maybe it will be reading through a prayer in a book or reviewing a memory verse on my fighter verse app.  Maybe it will be taking a few minutes to pray with my kids before school starts or listening to worship music or a podcast while cooking supper.   Any time, even a little time, spent with Jesus is time well spent and life giving.  

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      Hi there TJ. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the God-sized dreams site. I enjoyed your Geranium/A Little More musing today. Yes, it's true that we set our sights on the unattainable. "I'm going to sit and pray for one hour." When "just a little more," at different intervals in the day gets us a lot further because it is actually do-able and sustainable! Thanks for your words.

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