What I Learned in February (2015 edition)

Isn’t there something beautiful about fresh, fallen snow?  Maybe it is how clean everything looks, or how it transforms this dusty city into something much better to look at.  I should have been disappointed with the snow since I was really enjoying our warmer, spring-like days, but I wasn’t.  I was just too happy that my husband finally made it home before it all started, […]

Quotes-February 2015

This month I have found just a bit more time to read and reflect.  In fact,  I have started a bible study I found online at Thrive Connection on the book of Revelation.  It has been a nice change to settle on one book and just soak up what God has to teach me through His word.   I am […]

A Geranium Musing

(image by Patrick Standish/Flickr) Geraniums always make me think of my Grandma who had geraniums in pots as part of her flower beds.  They seemed so grandmotherly which is probably why when we lived in the states, I avoided having them in my flower beds.  When we moved to Central Asia, I was pleasantly surprised to find geraniums here.  Not only do they […]

Worship Musing

Last week a friend asked me my goals for the year.   She had some clear identifiable goals which was great.  I have no idea what the next few months will look like and to just survive is probably not a good goal.  Then I remembered my word for the year is WORSHIP.    My goal is worship.  I wrote […]

What I Learned in January 2015

How can a month that started so quietly end up being so hard and long?  I guess that is the adventure of life.  So without further ado, here is what I learned this month.   1. Our International School would not be reopening for second semester. Due to security concerns against western-educated schools, our school decided to close.  It was a hard decision for our […]