Favorite Quotes and Links as We Finish 2014

Favorite Quotes and Links as We Finish 2014

Today I am sitting in a hotel room with sick boy.  It has been a restful day, and he seems to be on the mend.  We have read, watched the Hobbit part two, went out to find some lunch and are back to reading some more.  Tomorrow we are hoping to join our other two family members in an eating tour of Athens.  So I thought I would use this extra downtime to look back on some of my favorite quotes and links for the month.


From Ann Voscamp in her blog post What You Need to Get Through the Darkest Days of the Year  

Sometimes the only way to stay standing is to lash yourself to some One stronger.”

From the Flower Patch Farm Girl as she talks about community on the InCourage Blog

“I want to receive my community without apprehension and give without reservation.  I want generosity and gratitude to string our lives together, note by note, until we make a song.  There’s no music in self preservation and no rhythm in doubt.”

Another quote from Ann Voscamp in her post When the Holidays are Messy and Hope Feels Impossible

“Tears are never a sign of weakness.  Tears are always the sign of an open heart.”

Hope is the thing with wings that lands at the end of you and shows you how to open to the possibilities so you never close again.” 

 Links to Posts that Challenged Me

How Rare is a Great Marriage?  at the Modern Ms. Darcy

Happily married couples purposefully build cultures of appreciation and respect, one interaction at a time.”

Don’t Get Too Familiar With the Bible by Peter Krol at Desiring God

Familiarity looks away from the book; curiosity looks toward it.” 

Some Questions to Look Back on Your Year at Faith Spilling Over

What are some things that you have read this month that have inspired or challenged you?

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