Staying the Course

This year has had its ups and downs.  I’ve seen changes, evacuations, deaths, and many good-byes.  In the craziness of it all, I have seen God’s faithfulness and understand in a new way what it means to trust in God with all of my heart. There have been many times this fall, my emotions have threated to derail me from my calling […]

Favorite Quotes and Links as We Finish 2014

Today I am sitting in a hotel room with sick boy.  It has been a restful day, and he seems to be on the mend.  We have read, watched the Hobbit part two, went out to find some lunch and are back to reading some more.  Tomorrow we are hoping to join our other two family members in an eating tour […]

Switchbacks and Life

Our family is currently in Greece taking a break from Central Asia and having some concentrated time as a family.  Yesterday our family took a hike up to an observation point on top of the hill. It was refreshing to be out walking, breathing fresh air, and just feeling free on the outside not just the inside.  The trail had a lot […]

Seeking Jesus Not the Magic of Christmas

I must confess.  This time of year I am often guilty of seeking the magic of Christmas.  I love Christmas-the music, the decorations, the get togethers, giving gifts, and even the sappy Christmas movies that make you both laugh and cry and everyone lives happily ever after.   Even here in Central Asia, I have a tree and a few […]