Two Book Series that Made Me Laugh and Cry

Snuggling up with a good book is always a good way to relieve stress any time of year.  In the Fall as the weather gets colder, I am finding myself enjoying a good book next to the warm bukhari unwinding from hectic school days.  This month our whole family has been reading the same book series which has been fun except when someone who is ahead gives away what is going to happen next.  I find when school is in session I gravitate to books that are easy to read and sometimes hard to put down.  My nonfiction gets put back on the shelf only to be taken out on weekends and breaks from school.

This fall I have read two different series.  I found both of them for $1.99 a book which I thought was a good deal.  ( I did notice that the first series is not longer at that low price.)  In both series, the romance part might be a little much but the books are clean and the plots were overall enjoyable to read.
1.  The Other Way Home Series  by Sally John
This series is set in a small town not far from Chicago.  Each book concentrates on two different story lines featuring two different couples with the stories intersecting.  Sometimes it is someone finding a second chance at love or a couple finding love again.  Others are finding love for the first time.  Each story has the characters working through issues that are keeping them from living fully in God’s love and grace.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters of the town as I laughed and cried through their adventures.  I especially like the third book about a high school math teacher.  As I read, I was also reminded that everyone including me has issues we need to deal with, and God’s grace is always there to help us through the healing process.  Sometimes he sends people into our lives to help with the process.   These books were relaxing reads for my busy weeks.

In order the books are….
A Journey by Chance
After All These Years
Just to See You Smile
The Winding Road Home

2.  The Discarded Heroes Series by Ronie Kendig
This series is set around a team of elite warriors who have had trouble adjusting back to civilian life.  In the books, they find their place as a part of this team that goes in and takes care of problems under the radar.  Each book focuses on one or two members of the team as they deal with PTSD issues.  Each team members has different PTSD symptoms showing the different sides to this issue.   As the first series was relaxing to read, this series was intense and hard to put down.   My husband, son and I have read the whole series with W. just starting the last book.  The books gave me a great appreciation for our military guys and all they go through mentally and emotionally once they come home.  I enjoyed the comradeship of the team and how they became a family who stuck together through thick and thin.   The plots were full of humorous quips, interesting twists, tear felt moments, and issues to think about.

In order the books are…

Is there a book or series you have enjoyed this month?   I would love to hear about it.  If you are interested in other books that people are reading I am linking up with Modern Ms. Darcy in her monthly twitterture linkup.   TJ

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