Come Quickly Lord Jesus

This morning I was listening to the first advent reading from God in the Manager put together from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s writings.  It had been a hard night.  At midnight last night, we learned that fellow workers here had died.  How do you celebrate Christmas in times like this?  How do you celebrate when your heart aches and the tears come […]

Two Book Series that Made Me Laugh and Cry

Snuggling up with a good book is always a good way to relieve stress any time of year.  In the Fall as the weather gets colder, I am finding myself enjoying a good book next to the warm bukhari unwinding from hectic school days.  This month our whole family has been reading the same book series which has been fun […]

Quotes Fall 2014

As the season changes, the kids and I are enjoying our fall break.  It feels good to just sit for a bit and think about the last few months.  School has kept me busy so I haven’t blogged that much.  Where do I start?  As I go through my journal, I decided to start with words or quotes that have […]