What Digging Cisterns and People Pleasing Have in Common

It all started with a pumpkin coffee.  Someone had sent me some pumpkin coffee, and I was sharing a pot of coffee with two young ladies who have been volunteering at the school where I work.  One lady had pretty much grown up here, but the other lady new to this country.  I asked the lady who had only been here a month what was the hardest thing for her.  The conversation went many directions, but she ended up sharing  how the craving for approval was something she was having to fight here.  Everything was new, and she was trying to find her place.  Even though I am not new, I can relate to her struggles.   I, too, am finding that I am craving others approval and finding my places amidst the many changes.   I am wanting someone to say good job.  You are on the right track.  After they left, I put the conversation to the back of my mind, but God wasn’t finished with me and this topic yet.

The other night before going to sleep I started reading a book called A Woman and Her God by various ladies.  The chapter I was reading was by Beth Moore.  She wrote how in Psalm 63, David craved time with God.  Discipline and having a daily time with God was good but if we don’t crave God it is often going through the motions.  If we don’t find satisfaction with God then we will look for it in other places like the approval of others.  She advised going to God each morning and emptying our cup before him-giving our troubles, sins, and insecurities.   Next, we should admit to God that He alone is our sole satisfaction, remind ourselves of how His love never fails and ask God to satisfy us.  I really liked this next statement from the book. “One thing that is so incredible about allowing our Father to meet our needs first thing in the morning is that if our husband or friend showers us with love later on, our cup overflows.  But it’s not their job to initially meet the needs of our soul.” (p.10) Wow!  My time with God sometimes becomes an item on my checklist when it really needs to be a meeting with a Father who can satisfy the hidden places in my heart.

Then yesterday morning as I was reading in Jeremiah, I came across this verse.

“For my people have committed a double evil; They have abandoned Me, the fountain of living water, and dug cisterns for themselves, cracked cisterns that cannot hold water.” (Jeremiah 2:13 HCSB)

Once again, God was telling me that I am seeking satisfaction in places that don’t satisfy.   Looking back on the past week, I see where my speech was drawing attention to me or wanting others to say good job.  I am craving deeper friendships but seeking it the wrong way.   I need to be going to the fountain of living water first.  Not only will my soul be satisfied but then I will also have something to give to those around me.   Why do we work so hard finding satisfaction in things that don’t satisfy?  I have no idea but know I do it more often then I would like.

Thanks for letting me share with you.  Somehow writing all this out helps me process what I am learning but also keeps me accountable to friends who read this blog.  Blessings, TJ

Dear God, Thank you for not giving up on me.  May I crave my time with you each day and seek to fill my cup with the living water that comes only from you.  Forgive me for seeking approval and satisfaction in other things.  Satisfy me with You.  May I then go about my day with a servant’s heart ready to love and serve those you send my way.  In Jesus name, Amen