Revisiting My Calling

A few years ago, my school went through major changes in staff.    The leadership changed.  Good friends left.  New people came in.  I found myself asking, “Should I stay or go?”   During that time, I wrote these two posts:

Today I am still living out this call.  On Monday, God willing, we will start our new school year.  I will have five math classes that I am excited to teach.    I will already know some of my students,  and others will be new to me.  I am ready.  Maybe someday God will point me in a new direction but for now this is where I am suppose to be.  
Even though the last few years have been hard, I am glad that I stayed with the calling God had for me.  I have grown spiritually, wept a few tears, and made a few mistakes but have also been a part of something amazing.  
As our team goes through many changes this fall, I was reminded of the above posts and how they relate to our current season here in Central Asia.  Dear friends are moving in a new direction.  It is hard.  Things are uncertain.  It would be so easy to question if I should be here or what will happen.  But this one thing I know, God is not finished with what He wants to do with me here in this place.  It may not make sense.  It may not be easy but this is where I need to be.

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      Glad to know of your strong confidence in being where God wants you to be at this time! That gives deep peace in the midst of other uncertainties.
      Praying for you and your exciting new year!

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