Quotes-Summmer 2014

Quotes-Summmer 2014

This summer I am slowly working on my to-read list for the year with some fun reads mixed in.  I have been challenged and inspired.  It has also been a blessing to have conversations with friends about what I am reading and learning as well as what they are reading and learning.  Here are a few of my favourite quotes from the books and blogs I have read so far this summer.

From Susan Cain in her book, Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking:

“It’s not that I’m so smart,” said Einstein, who was a consummate introvert. “It’s that I stay with problems longer.”

From Daniel Henderson in his book, Transforming Prayer:

Worship-based prayer seeks the face of God before the hand of God.  God’s face is the essence of who He is.  God’s hand is the blessing of what He does.  God’s face represents His person and presence. God’s hand expresses His provision for needs in our lives.  I have learned that if all we ever do is seek God’s hand, we may miss His face; but if we seek His face, He will be glad to open His hand and satisfy the deepest desires of our hearts.”

From Dee Henderson in her novel, Undetected:

“Think of normal as being what God intends for your life, ” Mark said. “Un-normal is everything that’s something other than His plans for you. Life gets easier that way, Gina. Go ahead and stress about what you should care about, but ignore the rest.” (p. 127)

From Francis Chan in his book, Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up:

But the New Testament writers didn’t have the same allergic reaction to hell as I do.  Perhaps they had a view of God that is much bigger than mine. A view of God that takes Him at His word and doesn’t try to make Him fit our moral standards and human sentimentality.  A view of God that believes what He says, even when it doesn’t make perfect sense to us. (p. 108)

From Leo Tolstoy:

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

From Randy Persall in her article in the Thrive Connection titled Gold Refinement :

Yet in reality, both the house built on the rock and the one built on the sand experience the tempest.  Maybe it would be better to face the inevitable and understand the reasons for our storms.

From Ann Voscamp in her post How to Keep Going When the Storms Keep Coming That Might Rend You in Two:

Sometimes God will calm the storm for you, but sometimes God will calm you for the storm. Sometimes God calms the storms-and sometimes the storm will still swirl and He calms our fear.

It’s never the storm that is your enemy, its always the oversight to be prepared for the storm that’s your enemy. 

What is something that you have read this month that has stayed with you?  Maybe a quote or verse or thought?  

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