A Little Bit of Everything (Twitterature Link-up June 2014)

This month I have enjoyed reading a variety of different books.  Some of them have been easy reads and others not so much.  Some books were just fun, and others helped me remember.  Still other books warmed my heart.   Once again, I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy in her monthly twitterature link-up.  The linkups are a great way to find books to read or not to read.  A warning though, your to-read list might grow longer and longer. So here are five books I read this month.

1. Prairie by Chautona Havig
What if ageing was determined by how content you were?  What would happen if you lived in a town that had no clocks, and people were not concerned about time?  Welcome to Jesse’s world as she wakes up in Prairie, a place she has always dreamed about.  This books was a fun story which made me think about how I live each day with respect to time and contentment.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series called Highlands when it comes out.

2. Auschwitz Escape by Joel Rosenberg
This book based on true events was a hard read.  Even though it was hard, it was a book of determination, courage, and hope in spite of the evil going on under Hitler.  What lengths would you go to escape and let the world know what was going on?

3. Expats: A Novel by Chris Pavone
The author goes back and forth in time as he tells the story of a family that move overseas for business.  Being an expat, I thought it would be a fun read.  It was okay.  Of course, I am not a spy, and I don’t live in Europe so their experience is quite different than mine.  The plot had lots of twists and turns but dragged at times.

4. Hazardous Duty (Squeaky Clean Mysteries) by Christy Barritt
This book was a fun, predictable read with great characters complete with a crime scene cleaner, vegan, animal rights activist and a new good looking neighbour next door.  Quote from the book that made me think:

“It’s easy to confuse life with God,” he stated.  “What do you mean?” “I mean, sometimes we assume that life is a reflection of God.  But it’s not.  Life is this way because God gave us a choice on how to live, and as humans, we screw up.  Therefore, we have a lot of ugliness around us.  But that’s not a picture of God.

5. The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith
I read this book because it was available at the library, and everyone was talking about it.  I really  liked it even though I am not that into decorating.  The writing style is easy to read, and her philosophy about making a house a home is what makes the book.  Here is a favourite quote from the book.

If we cannot be our true selves and make mistakes in our homes, how can we expect others to let their guard down while we are in our homes?

What books have you enjoyed or not enjoyed reading this month?

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