Take Time to Be Holy

Take Time to Be Holy

It was an innocent comment.  “The chicken is chewy.”  I had worked hard on supper after a long day of cleaning, helping the kids with school, and getting ready to leave.  My body was exhausted.  My response to the comment was not kind.  In my mind, I felt justified.  I had worked all day for my family, and it wasn’t appreciated.  But then I heard a quiet voice in my head, it said, “Take time to be holy.”  In the midst of all my busyness that was something I had not done.

A week later, the phrase from this hymn is still with me.  The only problem is that is all I remember from the hymn were the five words “Take time to be holy.”  What does it actually mean to do that?   For me, it meant I had not spent time with God seeking his guidance and resting in His presence.  It also meant that I had not taken the time to stop and think before my comment was made.   Leafing through the hymn book, I found the hymn and began to sing the words.

Take time to be holy, Speak oft with thy Lord;
Abide in Him always, And feed on His word.
Make friends of God’s children, Help those who are weak;
Forgetting in nothing, His blessing to seek.
“Take time to be holy.” We don’t talk about that much.  Instead we talk about quiet times and discipleship or we discuss theology and worship styles.  It’s about relationship and not rules.  It’s about grace and not works.  Maybe it’s because people associate the word holy with rules.  Maybe it’s because we forget holiness is the essence of who God is.   From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible proclaims God as holy.  It also proclaims us as His holy people.   We are children of the King.  If He is holy, then we should be holy.  But what does that mean?  
  • Taking time to be holy is about a relationship.  We become like those we spend time with. 
  • Taking time to be holy takes time.  It is about abiding in Him always and praying continually.
  • Taking time to be holy is all about grace because without God’s grace and Jesus’s sacrifice we would not be holy.
  • Taking time to be holy includes action and living out the words of Jesus.
  • Taking time to be holy means learning with others more about our Heavenly Father.

Whether they talk about it or not, some believers I know take time to be holy.  They spend time with God.  They live out their faith.  They seek him daily in prayer.  When I grow up, I want to be like them.

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