6 Things Learned in April

6 Things Learned in April

Today was the last day of school at the International School where I teach.  Even though I was only helping out with two classes, it seems strange to be finished.  W and Big D still have a few weeks left before we finish our homeschooling for the year.  In some subjects, we can see the end, and in other subjects, we still have more left than we would like.  Here in this land, the roses are about to bloom, and the grass is green.  The weather is warming up as is the insecurity that sometimes comes from living in a foreign land.

This month has been busy and challenging.  It has been emotional and unpredictable.  With this in mind, I share the things I learned in April.  I am also linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky and others with what they have learned this month.

1. Teaching physics for a month was fun.  The principal at the school where I work had to leave early and asked me to take over his class of 4 seniors.  I enjoyed getting to interact with the two girls and two guys in the class.  We learned about current, resistance and circuits.  It took some extra studying and more time than I thought it would, but it was a good experience.  I ended up being at school more than planned but it was a privilege to get to know better the teachers I will be working with next year.

2.  Bad things can happen on sunny days.  In the movies, all the bad stuff happens when it is dark and rainy.  Not so in real life.  The last month or so we have had some events happen here in the place that I love.  Because of security issues, the kids and I will be back in the states for the summer.  It’s crazy how hard it is to leave this place even for the summer.  This is home for us. 

3.  I often take for granted God’s presence.  In my Godtime, I have been reading through Exodus and Leviticus.  A week later, I am still thinking about how Moses would not proceed on to the promised land unless God went with him and the Israelites.  As I head into the summer, I am praying this same prayer.   I know God says He will never leave us or forsake us but I want to sense His presence more this summer.   It is unknown times that I learn to cherish God’s presence the most.

4. I can live without my wii, but it does make exercising harder.  Since we don’t have a gym here or walking or running on the road is not an option, I have been running in my backyard and finding random workouts on the internet.  I am looking forward to running and walking on the road when we get back to the states.  I am still trying to lose a few pound I gained on our last visit to the states. 

5. If a book hasn’t moved on a bookshelf for a week or so, it is a good sign my child has not been reading it for his school.  He did a lot of reading last week to catch up.  I love how God helps me notice things like this.  It is not that I want to catch my child doing wrong  but I do want my child to know things always catch up with you whether it is sin or a task you have been neglecting.  

6.  It’s okay to be angry.  Actually being angry can be a calling.  I have been reading Paul Tripp’s book Broken Down House.   One chapter is called Good and Angry.  In the chapter, he talks about two types of anger.  One anger is where we get angry because we are not in control and things are not going our way.  The other anger is a righteous anger directed towards the sin and evil in the world.  It shows itself with compassion, love, and action toward making things right.  This chapter has me thinking of how often I am angry for the wrong reasons.  I have been wronged.  Things didn’t go the way I would like.  In the book Paul says,

“In a fallen world, people of character and conscience will always be angry.  Perhaps our problem regarding anger is not just that we are often angry for the wrong reasons, but that we are not angry often enough for the right reasons.  Perhaps our problem is that the things that make us angry and thereby move us to action just don’t make us angry anymore.”

This book has been timely for this last month.  I have a feeling I will be going back and reading much of the book again.   (Just FYI.  The book is now 1.99 on kindle.  An affiliate link was used.)  In the meantime, I pray I can be angry about the things I need to be angry about.

What things have you learned this month?

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      I'm visiting from "What I learned" and resonate with #3 and #6 particularly. Love how you said "It is in unknown times that I learn to cherish God's presence the most." And I so appreciate Paul David Tripp. I was privileged to receive my counseling training from the school where he was a professor. I haven't read "Broken Down House" yet but will be adding it to my list, as one who often skirts the line between unrighteous and righteous anger. Another great listen on this topic is a sermon by Rev. Tim Keller from Redeemer PCA Church in NYC called "The Healing of Anger." Worth a listen! Here's a link: http://www.gospelinlife.com/the-healing-of-anger-5418.html

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      Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. The Paul Tripp book you mention sounds quite interesting and insightful. In my life, there have been too many times that I've received the message "the good girl doesn't get angry" and I really like how the quote you shared lets us know that there is definitely a place for anger in a fallen world. Thanks for sharing!

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      I just finished Broken Down House last month, too! What an excellent book! I never read a Tripp book without having my heart convicted!
      Your picture of the roses is beautiful!
      Praying for your family in your summer of being out of pocket!

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        I am actually reading the book on your suggestion. Thanks so much for that. I am only 3/4 through so many more lessons to learn. Each chapter seems to be just what I need for the day. Blessings.

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      I've learned that seeking God's will and doing your best doesn't insulate you from persons finding fault or being critical. I've learned that burning the candle at both ends is physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. I'll be spending time this summer seeking renewal in all three areas of my life. Cathy

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        Thanks for sharing what you have learned. I hope your summer brings the renewal that you need.

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