Quotes-Spring 2014

One of my most faithful readers to TJ’s musings is my father-in-law.  The other day I asked him what posts he enjoyed most.  His answer was the quotes.  These posts are my favourites’ too because they help me see my journey through the years and what I am learning from others.  Tomorrow is Papaw’s birthday so in his honour I thought […]

Take Time to Be Holy

It was an innocent comment.  “The chicken is chewy.”  I had worked hard on supper after a long day of cleaning, helping the kids with school, and getting ready to leave.  My body was exhausted.  My response to the comment was not kind.  In my mind, I felt justified.  I had worked all day for my family, and it wasn’t […]

Non-Fiction Reads May 2014 (Twitterature linkup)

Overall, I read much more fiction than non-fiction but over the past month I have finally finished or almost finished the following non-fiction books.  I am thankful how God puts books in my path that are just what I need.  As I get over jet lag, I am also finding non-fiction is much more conducive to going back to sleep […]

I Am Fine

If someone asks you how you are.  The standard response is either “I am fine” or “Good, how about you?”  In Central Asia, the question and response are similar except it can be a 2 to 3 minute exchange.  The answers are predictable and expected.   On Sunday, we made it back to the states in time to spend Mother’s […]

Fear Factor Four Years Later

This morning I was looking to see what posts of mine had been read in the last week.  Fear Factor from a little over four years ago was one of them.  In fact, according to my stats, someone googled ” tj fear factor.”  Curious I went back and read the post.  The post needed some serious editing, but the content […]

6 Things Learned in April

Today was the last day of school at the International School where I teach.  Even though I was only helping out with two classes, it seems strange to be finished.  W and Big D still have a few weeks left before we finish our homeschooling for the year.  In some subjects, we can see the end, and in other subjects, […]