Going Deeper links-April 2014

Going Deeper links-April 2014

(photo by me)

This week I have had a lot on my mind.  Hopefully soon I will have a few posts to go with those thoughts.  For now,  I thought I would post a few links to posts that have been helpful to me in my journey to go deeper.  

I have two teenagers.  Often I find myself reacting when I need to slow down and ask these three questions.  I want to be remembered as a mom who listened and thought through her responses instead of just reacting.  I don’t think I am there yet but hopefully I am making progress. 

Relationships take time.  Taking time to connect is time well spent.  My DH and I are doing well on the date night, but it is challenging to get that connection each day.  When we do, it is so worth it.  

How often do I say things because they are the right thing to say?  I want to mean what I say.  If I say I will pray for someone.  I want to do it.  This might be praying with the person right then or putting it on my prayer app on my phone.  I want to be true to my word.  Great words from Lysa.

I want to find God whether I am washing dishes, playing Around the World with my son, or sitting quietly with a book.  Ann says, 

“There’s nothing in this world that’s normal-there’s only growing blind to the glory.”  

May we never grow blind to the glory of God around us. 

Lastly at The Art of Simple is The Lost Art of Pruning
Lisa expands on this thought,

 “The art of life pruning suggests that maybe the wisest action is removing something that’s inhibiting what we want more of, rather than adding more to our plates. ”  

What do I want more of?  And what do I need to prune in order to make that happen?  

What are some great words you have read lately that are inspiring you to go deeper with God and others?  Please share.  I would love to hear what you are learning.