March 2014 Lessons: Central Asia Edition

March 2014 Lessons: Central Asia Edition

This month has flown by quickly.  We are settling into sort of a routine and enjoying the first signs of Spring.   Since we have been back just over a month, all my lessons have to do with our life here in Central Asia.

Once again, I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky for lessons learned this month.  Here are my lessons.

1.  International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years.  I celebrated my first Women’s day 4 years ago.  It is a day where women’s achievements are celebrated.   International Women’s Day is on March 8.  Our local staff fixed all the ladies a wonderful lunch and entertained us with speeches.  In a country where women are not always valued, it was great to see women, especially our local lady workers, recognised.  Here is a picture of our lunch.

2. Just because it says it is Spring doesn’t mean it feels like it.   After Naw Ruz (March 21) which is the New Year here, all the heaters are put away since it is now spring.  Mine is still out, and I even enjoyed the fire my son built for me in it yesterday.  I am trying not to wish for warmer weather too much since this summer I might be complaining about it being hot.  For now, I am trying to be content in my layers.  

3.  My favourite part of Naw Ruz is the Hafte Mehwa which means seven fruits.  It might not look good but it is delicious.  My dear friend graciously invited another friend and I over to share some with her.  Some of the fruits included are dried apricots, two different kinds of raisons, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds.  I never thought of nuts as a fruit before but that is what they are considered here.  
4.  I was reminded that voting is a right and a privilege.  I often think of voting as a hassle and wonder if my vote even counts.  Three of my local lady friends will be voting next week even though doing so could put them in harm’s way.  Would I be so brave?  I do not know.  I do know they are braver than some men who have decided not to vote.  

5. Being stuck in traffic isn’t so bad if as long as you have a friend to hang out with and someone else is driving.  A friend and I went to a bazaar that has good deals, cheese, and bacon.  On the way home, our driver took a detour to pick up another passenger, and we ended up on this road/river for over an hour.  My friend and I enjoyed getting caught up with each other.  It made for a long day but an interesting adventure.  

So what interesting, profound or fun things have you learned this month?

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